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• Southeastern cities are most Bible-minded
• Congressman: Let U.S. citizens decide House seats
• Ontario province awaits ruling on assisted suicide
• LGBT agenda on 'autopilot' in America's military
• Nashville protects illegals, endangers everyone else
• Travel ban ruling - ripe for lawsuits galore?
• Exporting U.S. energy about more than jobs
• Context or not, NBC's decision on 'N-word' challenged
• Anti-Trump CNN bitten again for fake news
• Claiming hateful feedback, GuideStar drops 'hate' labels
• Minimum wage costing jobs in Seattle
• Homeless, and now hungry, in Nigeria
• Pro-life nun not among rowdy protesters
• Mehlman: Trump a no-show on DACA
• Advice: WH should focus on ideology, not religion
• Pro-lifer's attempt to disqualify judge falls short
• Pastor to Trump: Hold India responsible
• Christian bakers free to live out faith in MS

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