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• Homeschool org. fights daytime curfew bill
• Judicial Watch: Obama lackeys remain in place
• CBC asks Sessions to help find D.C. kids
• Supporters not blaming Trump for healthcare fail
• AIPAC, Pence pack DC w/20K Israel advocates
• Pro-life legislators weigh in on medical ethics debate
• Philly cancels Cinco de Mayo over ICE fears
• This tax season should be a wake-up call to lawmakers
• DeVos doesn't seem to be doing what she was hired to do
• South Korea called to action
• Pastors, parents disagree over purpose of youth ministry
• PTC asks SNL to be TV-14
• U.S. set to slash funds to Dictators-R-Us
• Mehlman: 'Purple' state's solution more common than not
• BDS co-founder stashed $700K in Palestinian, U.S. banks
• High school rape made possible by sanctuary nation
• A Texas-sized fight over pro-life medical care
• 'Interfaith' dialogue deceptively successful

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