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• Lotz warns Christians to get ready for the Rapture
• Wesleyan U invests $220K/yr. in queer, transgender center
• Early 'kudos' for Trump's proposed tax plans
• AFA: Move now to defund Planned Parenthood
• Trump vows to fight but bureaucracy vows to block
• Sanders: Dem Party falling apart, despite 'Unity' tour
• Trump cabinet fellowships thru prayer, Bible study
• After bashing 'job-stealing' NAFTA, Trump may tweak it
• Moms complain: Man can't be a mother
• 2015 protests taking toll on Mizzou
• Would proposed waivers untangle the mess?
• Cruz introduces 'EL CHAPO Act' for border wall
• Hope for jailed Christians: A fair investigation
• Second survey shows no time for the Good Book
• Study: Pain a minor reason for those requesting suicide drugs
• Lawmakers being urged to end gruesome abortions
• San Diego: Islam is awesome and we are its prophet
• Anglicans challenge Church of England's homosexual agenda

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