Sky News (International News)

· 'Blinken says US opposes anything that puts two-state solution 'further from reach' after violence in Jerusalem'
· 'Andrew Tate: A timeline from Twitter rows to a Romanian cell'
· 'Haiti is falling apart and there is no safety net – the perverse reality is that gangs have filled the gap'
· 'Farmworker accused of shooting dead seven colleagues 'was angry over $100 repair bill''
· 'Woman accused of murdering her lookalike in attempt to fake her own death'
· ''Extra safeguards' coming after AI generator used to make celebrity voices read offensive messages'
· 'UK and US rule out sending F-16 jets to Ukraine - as No 10 says it would be impractical'
· 'Three emergency workers fired over inadequate care given to Tyre Nichols after he was beaten by police'
· 'The 'tear-gassed' Palestinians trying to stop Israeli settlers occupying their land'
· 'At least 100 killed in Pakistan mosque attack - as militant commander tries to claim responsibility'
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