Sky News (International News)

· 'Da Silva and Bolsonaro to face each other in run-off Brazil election'
· 'King Charles will host South Africa's president in first state visit as sovereign'
· 'As 125 die in stadium violence, ex-Indonesia manager says fans' passion can have devastating results'
· 'Greece 'open' to talks with Turkey if Ankara 'stops provocations''
· 'US extreme skier who fell from eighth highest mountain is buried by Sherpas in Nepal'
· 'Hurricane Ian: 'Treacherous' storm heads for Washington and New York, as toll reaches 77'
· 'Japan's Kyushu region hit by 5.6 magnitude earthquake'
· 'Ukraine forces Russian troops out of key city a day after Putin's annexation'
· 'North Korea fires fourth missile in a week as South Korea stages military show'
· 'Nord Stream leaks leave Danish residents feeling 'vulnerable''
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