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• 'Powerful' cyberattack on Ukraine goes global
A "powerful" cyberattack that started in Ukraine has spread across the world, hitting banks, government IT systems and energy firms.

• What is Petrwrap virus behind cyberattack?
The latest global ransomware virus has spread fast after initially affecting computer systems in Ukraine, but how exactly does it work?

• Qatar accuses neighbours of terror hypocrisy
Qatar has stepped up its war of words with regional rivals as the crisis surrounding its isolation shows no sign of resolution three weeks on.

• IS takes slaves as battle in Philippines intensifies

• Sky Views: Hope and heroism amid horror

• Dutch 30% responsible for Srebrenica deaths
A Dutch appeals court has ruled that the Netherlands was partly to blame for the deaths of more than 300 Muslim men in the Srebrenica genocide of 1995.

• Assad regime 'preparing chemical weapons attack'
Syrian President Bashar al Assad appears to be preparing a fresh chemical weapons attack, the US has claimed.

• North Korea says Donald Trump is like Hitler
North Korea has ripped into Donald Trump, likening him to Adolf Hitler - a week after calling the US President a "lunatic".

• Faulty airbags are 'bombs waiting to explode'
A lawyer representing an American woman who was seriously injured by a faulty Takata airbag has described them as "bombs waiting to explode".

• Iraqi troops 'just days' from capturing Mosul
The fighting is so close now it is within throwing distance.

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