The Hill (U.S. Politics)

· 'House managers accuse McConnell of setting up 'rigged' trial'
· 'Mike Pence invoked a racist president and a scoundrel senator to defend Trump — did he even know it?'
· 'Clinton weighs in on Sanders: 'Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done''
· 'Giuliani says he was 'misled' by Parnas'
· 'Senate braces for bitter fight over impeachment rules'
· 'Majority of Americans believe Trump encouraged election interference: poll'
· 'Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter's op-ed'
· 'Democrats: McConnell impeachment trial rules a 'cover up,' 'national disgrace''
· 'McConnell proposes compressed schedule for impeachment trial'
· 'Roberts under pressure from both sides in witness fight'
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