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• Futuristic health tech on display at biomed conference in Tel Aviv
From brain-monitoring electrodes to the mind-internet interface, the MIXiii BIOMED gathering provides a glimpse of what’s coming in healthcare

• 50 years after ‘Sgt. Pepper’s,’ how Jews helped fill a Beatle’s lonely heart
From ‘Fifth Beatle’ Brian Epstein to two of his wives, Paul McCartney reached fame and fortune with a little help from his (Jewish) friends

• What’ll we do with the next 50 years?
Willful neglect in east Jerusalem has divided the city, but it has also increased Jewish-Arab contact

• After intel leak, UK freezes out US on Manchester bombing
Details released by American sources to media — including attacker’s identity — ‘undermine’ attack probe, police say

• After stolen selfie, handshaking ceremonies banned
Senior official said to lament Trump’s smooth Italy reception compared to the drawn-out ceremony at Ben Gurion

• Employee guide warns of overbearing Israelis
‘You may feel an Israeli is attacking you’ in voice, facial expressions and body language, Israeli-founded international gambling firm tells staff

• Israeli scientists announce new treatment for ALS
Drug developed at Ben-Gurion University said to improve brain function and life expectancy, may help Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s sufferers too

• New database charts 20,000 at-risk archaeological sites in the Middle East
Islamic extremism and other destructive factors create a perfect storm of endangered culture in the bedrock of civilization

• With abrupt closure of IBA, English news staff never even got to say goodbye
While daily broadcast was perceived as an interloper, the news show offered a significant public service to English speakers in Israel

• Longtime Trump attorney set to aid president amid probe
Marc Kasowitz is a partner in the same law firm as US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, candidate for FBI chief Joe Lieberman

• GOP hopeful charged with assault for body-slamming reporter
Greg Gianforte takes the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs to the ground after being pressed on the Republican healthcare bill

• In France, a Jewish TV celebrity is called out for gay bashing
With advertisers dropping his show, comedian Cyril Hanouna forced to apologize for tricking men into talking about their fantasies

• Orthodox Jewish paramedic sues NY hospital over no-skirts policy
Hadas Goldfarb alleges wrongfully fired as ‘retaliation for refusing to compromise her religious principles’

• Multiethnic Manchester bands together in defiance of terror
Melting-pot city stresses unity after attack; in one poignant moment, 93-year-old Jewish woman and Muslim man mourn together

• To save the climate, decarbonize Shabbat
Several ways world Jewry can take global environmental responsibility — it’s literally tikkun olam!

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