Times of Israel

· 'Munich says it can’t block Roger Waters concert, will have to ‘endure’ it'
· 'Would the High Court dare strike down the coalition’s judicial appointments law?'
· 'As Netanyahu flies to London, UK chief rabbi calls for ‘Jewish unity’ around world'
· 'Bones kept by German former eugenics institute buried in Berlin'
· 'Housing snapshot: Home sales and rentals across Israel'
· 'US says contractor killed, troops wounded in Iranian drone attack in Syria'
· 'What Matters Now to arrested activist/physicist Shikma Bressler: ‘Saving Israel’'
· 'After apparent delays, Netanyahu leaves for London, where more protesters await'
· 'Police called in as protesters hem in overhaul architect Rothman'
· 'A fake reality show trailer shines light on the real issue of US child marriage'
· 'After Iran détente, Saudi Arabia opens diplomatic talks with Syria'
· 'In first, FDA okays Israel-developed brain modulation device to treat PTSD'
· 'PM: I’ll intervene to make overhaul ‘balanced’ — but judge selection bill will pass'
· 'Netanyahu crushes a potential mini-revolt, insists on politicizing the judiciary'
· 'Military Intel soldier jailed for 27 months for leaking classified information'
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