Times of Israel

· 'Parkland school shooter’s swastika carvings are focus of court fight'
· 'National Library finds rare 18th-century text detailing Portuguese Inquisition'
· 'UK denies Iranian reports of UK diplomat, others arrested by Tehran for spying'
· 'Health inspectors stumped as dozens of guests at Eilat hotel report stomach ailments'
· 'Soldier suspected of looting Palestinian property near Hebron detained'
· 'US Treasury sanctions Iranian petrochemical firms shipping products to Asia'
· 'Palestinian arrested over suspected Bnei Brak terror attack, says Shin Bet'
· 'Heads of major Jewish groups press Lapid after zealots overrun Western Wall prayers'
· 'After Lebanese paper report, IDF confirms another Hezbollah drone downed last week'
· 'Chicago July 4 shooting suspect confesses, admits contemplating 2nd attack'
· 'Syrian soldier said killed in Israeli drone strike near Golan border'
· 'In first, Israeli cycling team’s rider wins stage of Tour de France'
· 'Iran denies US accusation it is making demands beyond terms of nuclear deal'
· 'IBM acquires Israeli startup Databand to boost data capabilities'
· 'Lebanon gears up to send back Syrian refugees despite pushback from rights groups'
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