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• Women descend on DC to push back against new president
Some 200,000 expected at march, where speakers will include Scarlett Johansson, Michael Moore; many protesters sporting pink ‘pussyhats’

• 4 die in bombing at refugee camp on Syria’s Jordan border
Explosion in car occurs at isolated makeshift site that UN says houses some 85,000 Syrians

• Raoul Wallenberg, hero of humanity
The hero who rescued thousands of Jews during the Holocaust is a model for today’s principles of human rights law

• Le Pen: Nationalism will sweep across Europe in 2017
At conference of far-right groups, French populist says continent will ‘wake up,’ following in the footsteps of Brexit and Trump’s victory

• Hamas MP says Jews recruit prostitutes, AIDS-infected women, to lure Arabs
The ‘filthy,’ globally hated Jewish nation will soon be eliminated, Marwan Abu Ras tells worshipers in Gaza

• Putin-Trump meeting may take months to arrange, Kremlin says
Moscow official says Russian leader will call the new president to congratulate him in the coming days

• Raids in Austria as terror suspect grilled
Authorities say alleged Islamic extremist may have been planning an attack to be executed in the immediate future

• Thousands of women protesters set to flood Washington
Organizers expect over 200,000 to attend anti-Trump rally, a number that could surpass crowds at president’s inauguration

• President Trump wraps up ceremony, turns to governing
New US leader signals intent to quickly break from the policies of the Obama administration; will spend morning at national prayer service

• Pakistan market bomb kills 20, injures dozens
Blast reportedly caused by an improvised explosive device hidden in a vegetable box

• Abbas congratulates President Trump, hopes to work together for peace
PA officials welcome new US leader, express concern over his stated plans to relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem

• Mother, 3 children killed in blaze near Jerusalem
Fire apparently broke out when a heater at the four victims’ home in Ein Nakuba burst into flames

• Le Pen headlines far-right ‘European counter-summit’ in Germany
Organizers say eurosceptic parties will use Saturday gathering in Rhine city of Koblenz to set out joint ‘vision for a Europe of freedom’

• World jittery about Trump’s ‘America first’ inaugural speech
From Japan to Afghanistan, from Mexico to South Korea — global citizens follow the new president’s first day in office with a mixture of cautious hope and trepidation

• Autopsy on Bedouin driver may discredit claims of terrorism
Initial findings show police bullet to man’s knee may have caused him to floor gas, unintenionally hit and kill cop Erez Levi, according to TV report

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