• Grand jury issued subpoenas into Hillary’s email
FBI agents were allowed to inspect Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry devices last year after a federal grand jury issued subpoenas court papers provided to Judicial Watch show. According to the watchdog

• U.K. Social media suicide game Warning
At what point did suicide become a "game"? British officials are issuing a warning to parents over "Blue Whale" a social media game linked to a number of teen suicides.  RT reports that a number

• President Trump: “I’m a nationalist and a globalist”
On Thursday during an interview with the Wall Street Journal President Trump said he is both a nationalist and a globalist (VERO BEACH, FL) President Trump made the statement while dismissing rumors

• Assad: Trump is merely a puppet of Deep State regime
On Thursday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said President Trump is not an independent leader, but merely a puppet of the military industrial complex (Washington, DC) During an interview with Latin

• UK police foil terror plot after armed raid in London
On Friday British counter-terrorism police announced they had thwarted an active plot after shooting a women in an armed raid (LONDON, UK) The armed raid on a house in north London marked the second

• Trump shares empathy toward Kim Jong Un amid standoff
On Thursday President Trump shared his feelings of empathy toward Kim Jong Un but noted is ready for the chance the nuclear standoff could turn into a major conflict (WASHINGTON, DC) During an

• Trump and China agree North Korea could slip out of control
On Thursday President Trump said a major conflict with North Korea was possible while China agreed the situation could slip out of control (WASHINGTON, DC) President Trump, speaking to Reuters on

• Trump says ‘major, major’ conflict with North Korea
In an exclusive interview with Reuters President Trump said that he is seeking diplomacy with North Korea but ‘major, major’ conflict possible. (WASHINGTON, DC) U.S. President Donald Trump said

• Rick Wiles: Is Hawaii in North Korea’s Crosshairs?
Is Hawaii in the nuclear crosshairs of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles discusses the statements from PACOM commander Admiral Harry Harris regarding the threat on ...

• Will your computer delete your thoughts?
“Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind,” wrote the playwright John Milton in 1634. But, nearly 400 years later, technological advances in machines that can read our thoughts mean the privacy

• Daily Recap: April 27th, 2017
Need a summary of what the FakeNews media won’t report on? Here’s the TRUNEWS Daily Recap for April 27th, 2017  (VERO BEACH, FL) North Korea releases another video, this time showing the

• Pentagon opens investigation into Michael Flynn
On Thursday the Pentagon opened an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn over receiving foreign payments (VERO BEACH, FL) According to a document published by Rep. Elijah

• Trump dossier UK spy author admits claims were unverified
The former British spy who wrote the infamous Trump dossier has acknowledged that the charges he made are unverified (VERO BEACH, FL) Christopher Steele, the 52 year old former MI6 spy whose 35-page

• Armed man arrested near Britain’s Prime Minister’s office
According to police a man carrying knives was apprehended on Whitehall where many government offices are located in Central London. He’s being held under anti-terrorism laws. "A man has been

• Russian spy ship SINKS after collision with another vessel
A Russian spy ship sank and all 78 soldiers were evacuated after the vessel collided with a boat carrying livestock off the coast of Turkey. A Russian naval intelligence ship sank off Turkey's

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