UK Telegraph (International News)

· Penny Lancaster alleges she was drugged and sexually assaulted as a young model
· Tory MPs under age of 35 form group to win over young voters who flocked to Labour
· How 'virtual fences' are helping to stop baboon raids in South Africa
· First police force in Britain set to axe all PCSOs amid falling budgets
· Revealed: How likely is it that the police will manage to catch the person who burgles your house?
· Badger discovered asleep in cat bed after sneaking into home   
· Storm Brian: UK braces for 'weather bomb' set to bring 70mph winds and heavy rain
· St Paul's Cathedral death: Student who fell 100ft pictured as family say she found 'world a bad place to live'
· Sons of journalist murdered in car bomb attack demand resignation of Malta's prime minister
· Car window smashed after large piece of masonry falls from crumbling Parliament roof 
· Italian scientists claim new type of pasta can help ward off heart attacks
· Stonehenge builders ate animals from as far away as Scotland, research finds 
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