USA Today (U.S. News)

· 'Traveling after Thanksgiving? Weekend weather in US includes storms, snow and flooding'
· 'Foul play or suicide? 30 years after a body was found in a pulp vat, questions linger in Green Bay'
· 'Festive displays light up Europe despite crisis'
· 'US Coast Guard rescues man after cruise ship fall'
· 'Houstonians encouraged to shop despite high crime'
· 'Biden enjoys lunch, shops during break in Nantucket'
· 'AP Explains: Walmart shooter left 'death note''
· 'NASA's Orion enters far-flung orbit around moon'
· 'Black Friday shoppers seek deals in Louisiana'
· 'Amazon workers protest in Washington on Black Friday'
· 'Haitian children hit by cholera, malnutrition'
· 'Colorado shooting highlights city's conflicted past'
· 'Gunman in Virginia Walmart shooting legally purchased firearm that day: What we know'
· 'What to know about climate change: Does winter weather disprove global warming? (No.)'
· 'Two strangers connected by an accidental text in 2016. Now, they've shared 7 Thanksgivings.'
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