USA Today (U.S. News)

· 'Good news for beachgoers: Shark attacks decreased in the US and worldwide for second year'
· 'Trump at Davos: We must reject 'prophets of doom''
· '3 children found dead in Arizona home; police try to determine cause'
· 'Uber driver goes great lengths to make you smile'
· 'US Navy honors Pearl Harbor hero Doris Miller with first aircraft carrier named for an African American'
· 'He terrorized dozens of women in the '80s. Now, the suspected 'pillowcase rapist' is in jail'
· 'Man 'intentionally' rammed car into Prius full of teens, killing 3, police say'
· 'Man strangles coyote after animal attacks his child during family walk'
· 'Mountain lion attacks, injures 3-year-old boy in California wilderness park'
· 'The search for Selena Not Afraid ends with 'great sadness.' Missing girl's body found near Montana rest area'
· 'The day in pictures'
· 'President Donald Trump arrives at Davos economic forum'
· 'Divorce costs can differ by thousands of dollars, depending on which state you reside in'
· 'Kardashian West on lawyer training: 'My kids know I'm in school just like they are''
· 'ShowBiz Minute: Prince Harry, Tebow, Graham'
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