USA Today (U.S. News)

· 'Soviet-era helicopters used by Ukraine in battle'
· 'The Northern Lights dazzled huge swath of US overnight. Here's where and when to see them.'
· 'Brazil works to restore burnt National Museum'
· 'Sex trafficking plea deal unending 'nightmare' for Texas mom'
· 'North Korea airs video of missile launches'
· 'Students, parents protest Denver school shooting'
· 'Los Angeles school employees to end 3-day strike'
· 'Flooding causes chaos in Ecuador'
· '0324 Today in History'
· 'Los Angeles students go back to school after worker strike. What's next?'
· 'Father of a Parkland victim arrested after interrupting congressional hearing on guns'
· 'Mass. train derails, no hazardous cargo reported'
· 'This Utah mom wanted to make school crosswalks safer. So she dressed up as a traffic cone.'
· 'Man had $39,500 seized by Arizona police for nearly 3 years. He finally received his money back.'
· 'Authorities: 1 person fatally shot during rescue'
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