USA Today (U.S. News)

· 'AP Top Stories July 6 P'
· 'Car theft suspect in high speed chase in NC'
· 'Biden spotlights effort to rescue union pensions'
· 'NC governor seeks to protect abortion providers'
· 'Four members of one family were shot during the Highland Park shooting. They all survived.'
· 'Georgia Guidestones: Rural monument that some call satanic damaged in bombing, police say'
· 'AP writer explains parade suspect's court hearing'
· 'British PM clings to power amid resignations'
· 'Two men arrested after police were tipped off about July 4th shooting plot in Richmond, Virginia'
· 'Colorado funeral home operator accused of stealing and selling body parts pleads guilty'
· 'Alabama boys save dad from drowning, thanks to CPR learned from 'The Sandlot,' 'Hook''
· 'He got booted for discussing climate change. But he's undeterred, with science on his side'
· 'New Jersey police rescue man from burning car'
· 'Heat dome to expand, bring hottest temps of the summer to some cities'
· 'US Justice Department operation targets violent crime'
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