USA Today (U.S. News)

· 'Hundreds join Nepal gay pride rally'
· 'Far-right candidate seduces Argentine electorate'
· ''Never seen anything like this': Idalia deluge still wreaking havoc in Southeast. Live updates'
· 'Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa flooded by Idalia'
· 'USF is building a $340M on-campus football stadium amid concerns academics are being left behind'
· ''Awful situation': 10-year-old girl stabs man attacking her mom in Houston, police say'
· 'Idalia makes history along Florida's Big Bend, McConnell freezes again: 5 Things podcast'
· '1 dead, 18 injured after collision between car, Greyhound bus in Maryland, police say'
· 'Deadly fire in Philippine factory'
· '5 people shot in Illinois, 2 in critical condition'
· 'West Point time capsule mystery takes a twist: There was something in there after all'
· 'Many homeless among dead in fire in Johannesburg, South Africa'
· 'Andrew Lester in court, charged with shooting Black teen Ralph Yarl for ringing doorbell'
· 'Rare blue supermoon dazzles stargazers around the world'
· 'South Korean and US military hold training exercises'
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