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• Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Receives Jail Term
A Moscow court fined and detained Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny for violating public order, one day after he mobilized anticorruption demonstrations that brought thousands into the streets across Russia.

• No Evidence Linking London Attacker to Islamic State or al Qaeda, Police Say
Police said there was no evidence to suggest the attacker who killed four in London last week had links to Islamic State or al Qaeda, but said he had a clear interest in Islamist extremism.

• U.S. Boosts Military Backing for Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen
The Trump administration has significantly increased military support for Sunni Arab states fighting al Qaeda and Iranian-backed militias in Yemen, said U.S. and Arab officials, drawing the U.S. deeper into the two-year civil war there.

• In Presidential Push, Le Pen Seeks Advice from France's Elite
A clandestine group of bankers, executives and government officials called “Les Horaces” is part of the same establishment railed against by the far-right candidate.

• South Korean Prosecutors to Seek Arrest Warrant for Park Geun-hye
South Korean prosecutors will seek an arrest warrant for former President Park Geun-hye, just 17 days after she was removed from office as part of a wide-ranging political scandal that triggered her impeachment.

• Tropical Cyclone Debbie Lashes Northeast Australia
One of the most powerful tropical storms to hit Australia in recent years began pummeling the country’s northeast coast, with more than 25,000 people evacuated from communities in its path.

• Italy's Home Cooks Stir Up a Backlash Among Restaurateurs
Home restaurants are taking off in Italy, as the sharing economy extends its reach into Italian kitchens, but the trend is provoking criticisms of unfair competition from the country’s traditional eateries.

• NATO Invests in More Bandwidth for New Data-Hungry Drones
NATO is preparing to expand its satellite-communications capability with contracts worth about $1.85 billion later this year as it prepares to field a new fleet of drones.

• Mexican Farmers Fight Border Brewery
Thousands of farmers in the parched border city of Mexicali are rallying to drive a big U.S. manufacturer out of town, ideally with help from U.S. President Donald Trump. At issue, they say, is the scarce resource of water.

• South African Treasury Chief's Recall Rattles Rand, Stocks, Bonds
South African assets weakened sharply Monday as the country’s Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was unexpectedly recalled from London by the president’s office, fueling concerns of an imminent cabinet reshuffle.

• Olympic Athletes Have Nothing on China's Lunch-Delivery Guys
Competing services, staffed mostly by young men on electric scooters, tear through Chinese streets at breakneck speeds and sprint up skyscraper stairs, making up to 10 deliveries per hour.

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