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• Trump Remarks on Trade, Missile Defense Rattle South Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump raised new doubts in South Korea about two pillars of bilateral ties by saying he wants to renegotiate a free-trade deal and have Seoul pay for an American missile-defense system intended to shield the country against any North Korean attack.

• U.S. Floats Talks With North Korea, Shuns Regime Change
The Trump administration said Thursday that it is not seeking to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over his nuclear weapons program and would consider holding talks, if Pyongyang pursues “the right agenda.”

• Brazilian Probe to Continue Despite Bill, Prosecutors Say
The prosecutors leading Brazil’s “Car Wash” anticorruption investigation have vowed to push ahead with the probe despite a new bill that aims to curtail some practices recently used in the investigation.

• Israelis Learn to Live With a New Neighbor: Islamic State
While most attention has focused on Islamic State’s shrinking but still vast territory in eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, the extremist group has also proved surprisingly resilient in a pocket of southern Syria near Israeli-populated towns and villages in the Golan Heights.

• Two U.S. Service Members Killed in Afghanistan
Two U.S. Army servicemembers were killed during a late night operation in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said Thursday, following the death of another American soldier there earlier this month.

• Explosion Rocks Damascus Airport
Israel neither confirms nor denies its involvement but a government minister says the blast is ‘consistent’ with Israel policy of preventing Iranian-supplied arms from reaching the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

• Russian Military Ship Sinks in Black Sea After Collision With Freighter
A Russian military reconnaissance ship sank in the Black Sea following a collision with a cargo ship, an incident that underscores the generally tired state of the Russian navy.

• Buenos Aires Governor Breaks With Argentina's Past
María Eugenia Vidal, a 43-year-old governor, has become the face of President Mauricio Macri’s efforts to dismantle the Peronist legacy that has dominated Argentine politics for the past seven decades.

• Brexit Fight Looms Over Role of EU Courts
When leaders of 27 European Union states meet on Saturday to settle guidelines on how to negotiate Brexit, they will show their determination to give EU courts a major role over U.K.-EU affairs, after Theresa May’s demand for freedom from European jurisdiction.

• A Miracle at the World's Largest Church: People Are Showing Up
Our Lady of Peace in Ivory Coast can hold 18,000 people, but years of civil strife and its remote jungle location long kept worshippers and tourists away. ‘It is indeed strange.’

• EU Says National Front May Have Misspent as Much as €5 Million
Lawmakers from France’s National Front may have misspent as much as €5 million in EU funds, the European Parliament now estimates, more than double the original estimate in the investigation into the party’s activities.

• Why Trump Decided to Back Off Nafta Threat
Conversations with the Mexican and Canadian heads of state, along with a flood of calls from business executives, helped steer President Trump away from an idea that some of his own advisers feared was a rash and unnecessary threat.

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