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• Uber Resumes Self-Driving-Vehicle Program After Arizona Accident
Uber Technologies is putting its autonomous vehicles back on city streets after an accident involving one of them in Tempe, Ariz., caused the company to halt its test program.

• Jim Gianopulos Named Head of Paramount Pictures
Jim Gianopulos, the longtime head of Twentieth Century Fox, has been tapped to turn around Viacom Inc.’s troubled movie studio.

• The Galaxy S8 Is Samsung's Best Shot at Redemption
Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which will be unveiled Wednesday, has a lot more at stake than sales targets: it must restore consumer trust and stabilize a brand dogged by political scandal, product recalls and privacy concerns.

• Amazon Delays Opening of Cashierless Store to Work Out Kinks
Amazon is facing a setback in its efforts to modernize brick-and-mortar retail as technical glitches delay the opening of its first cashierless convenience store.

• EU Clears Dow-DuPont Deal With Conditions
Dow Chemical and DuPont clinched regulatory approval for their merger from the European Union’s competition watchdog on condition they divest several businesses to address antitrust concerns.

• Overhauling the Tax Code Becomes the Next Fight for Republicans
After a battle within the Republican party over its health-care bill, the GOP plans on moving on to something simpler: rewriting the U.S. tax code. But it might be heading right into another minefield.

• Sluggish Housing Recovery Sapped $300 Billion From U.S. Economy
If the home-building industry had returned to the long-term average level of construction, it would have given a 1.8% boost to U.S. gross domestic product, according to a new study.

• Former Fed Official Warns Politics Poses Threat to Recovery
As global markets reel after the failure of the U.S. health-care bill, a former Federal Reserve official is warning that political issues threaten the central bank’s ability to maintain a sustainable recovery.

• Foreign Investors Flock to Iran as U.S. Firms Stay on Sidelines
Many foreign investors are rushing into Iran’s promising market after its nuclear accord, setting off skirmishes among European and Asian companies eager to gain a step on more cautious American rivals.

• Elon Musk's Latest Startup: Brains Linked to Computers
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to merge computers with human brains to help people keep up with machines.

• More Chinese Consumers Say No to Fake Goods
In China, counterfeit merchandise hasn’t gone away by any means. But a growing number of Chinese consumers are now willing to pay more for authentic goods such as Mickey Mouse sweatshirts and Bart Simpson baseball caps.

• U.S. Farmers Seek Shelter From Nafta Storm
U.S. agricultural producers are lobbying hard on both sides of the Mexico border to try to ensure that a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement doesn’t turn U.S. farm exports into collateral damage.

• 'Deaths of Despair' Claiming More White Americans
In 2015, two economists published a landmark paper showing that mortality was rising for white middle-aged Americans after decades of decline. Now a new analysis from the same pair paints an even bleaker picture.

• Olympic Athletes Have Nothing on China's Lunch-Delivery Guys
Competing services, staffed mostly by young men on electric scooters, tear through Chinese streets at breakneck speeds and sprint up skyscraper stairs, making up to 10 deliveries per hour.

• American, China Southern Air In Cooperation Talks
American Airlines and China Southern Airlines are discussing a “major strategic cooperation,” the Chinese airline said Monday in a regulatory filing.

• Mexican Auto Output Soars as Trump Administration Settles In
The prospect of lowering the U.S. auto industry’s reliance on “Made in Mexico” became thornier during the Trump administration’s early days, as the number of popular pickups and SUVs flooding in from south of the border rose sharply in January and February.

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