Washington Examiner (U.S. Politics)

• Maryland memo: Prosecutors to go easy on some illegal immigrants
• Why Warren attended Trump's inauguration: 'I wanted it burned in my eyes'
• Trump begins second 100 days held hostage by Republican Congress
• Trump team may have lied about not vetting Mike Flynn: Report
• Milo Yiannopoulos says he's formed a new media company with $12 million in funding
• Trump ducks government shutdown for one more week
• 'Bad!' North Korea: Trump reacts to missile launch
• Trump: Healthcare reform bill could come 'maybe next week'
• Alex Jones slams 'grossly inaccurate' reporting on custody battle
• And then there was one: Energy watchdog loses another commissioner
• Congressional Republicans confident they can avoid massive loophole in Trump tax plan
• This USA Today characterization of government shutdown threats is nonsense
• A deep dive into Trump's undersea energy order
• Timeline of key Michael Flynn events
• North Korea test fires another ballistic missile
• In effort to sway centrists, GOP downplays impact of new Obamacare deal
• NSA collection of emails about foreign targets screeches to a halt
• Military professors call Trump Army secretary pick 'serious threat'
• California lets insurers file 'Trump rates' due to Obamacare uncertainty
• Doctor tied to New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez convicted of Medicare fraud

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