Washington Examiner

· 'Blumenthal: Biden will 'eventually come around' on F-16s and ATACMS for Ukraine'
· 'Robert Menendez indicted: New Jersey senator faces charges following federal investigation into alleged bribery'
· 'Tuberville standoff: Democrats downplay Schumer about-face as marginal win for GOP'
· 'Biden planning Latino voter blitz ahead of GOP California debate'
· 'Biden praises Congressional Black Caucus at Hispanic Caucus event'
· 'Michigan attorney general says fake electors were ‘brainwashed’ to keep Trump in power: Report'
· 'Newsom to lead Biden campaign counterprogramming to Republican debate'
· 'Trump looking forward to 2024 general election, past the primaries and maybe 2020'
· 'Social Security update: Direct payment worth $914 arrives in seven days'
· 'The changing face of gun ownership'
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