Washington Examiner (U.S. Politics)

• Russia: US sent 'invitation' for terrorists to stage gas attack in Syria
• H.R. McMaster: Omission of Article 5 commitment from Trump speech a 'manufactured controversy'
• After fiery debate, House lawmakers back military study on climate change
• Trump's fundraiser at his DC hotel expected to raise $10 million for GOP
• DHS boosts security steps for all international flights, stops short of global laptop ban
• GOP Sen. Rounds proposes keeping Obamacare tax on investments
• House bill would cut IRS spending by $149 million
• Democrats realize they have a problem: Part 2
• White House: It was Trump's idea to warn Syria about chemical weapons
• Senate Intelligence Committee to receive James Comey's memos
• Georgia man angry his giant lobster was taken out of its package by TSA
• Capito outlines wish list to win her support on health bill
• Trump triples down on war of words with CNN
• Sarah Sanders: 'Of course' Trump is running for re-election
• Senate Democrats introduce measure recognizing Pride Month
• Trump previews 'big surprise' on healthcare bill
• Appeals court: Police can lie to get consent to search your home
• Puerto Rico's governor: 'False narrative' that Trump would block statehood
• Former press secretaries Fleischer, McCurry call for end to live White House briefings
• Unite Here union leader blasts Democrats over Obamacare 'Cadillac tax'

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