Washington Examiner

· 'US announces aid package to Ukraine as Xi and Putin meet in Moscow'
· 'Amazon to lay off 9,000 in wave of job cuts'
· 'NHL goalie and Christian James Reimer refuses to wear 'Pride Night' jersey'
· 'Ron DeSantis slams Alvin Bragg for 'pursuing a political agenda' in possible Trump indictment'
· 'Israel's Netanyahu makes first concession in controversial judicial overhaul effort'
· 'World likely to surpass critical warming threshold by 2030, new UN report warns'
· 'Higher cancer rates found in military pilots and ground crews'
· 'Trump lawyers move to block Georgia prosecutors from using special grand jury report'
· 'Department of Agriculture issues large recall after 'wire-like metal' found in beef sold to schools'
· 'SVB collapse: FDIC extends deadline for bidding on failed bank'
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