Washington Examiner (U.S. Politics)

· 'Supreme Court declines to fast-track Obamacare challenge, pushing decision past election'
· 'Schiff: Calling Hunter Biden as impeachment witness would be 'an illegitimate abuse of the trial''
· '‘Nobody likes him’: Hillary Clinton won’t commit to endorsing Bernie Sanders if he wins nomination'
· ''Not my view': Bernie Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter claiming he has 'big corruption problem''
· 'Michael Avenatti being held in jail cell once used by El Chapo, lawyer says'
· 'Special operations Marines to call for end of iconic machine gun: M2 'Ma Deuce' soon will be replaced'
· '‘Klo-mentum’: Klobuchar a dark horse two weeks out from Iowa caucuses'
· 'Justice delayed: 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appears in Guantanamo courtroom as trial approaches'
· 'Impeachment trial opens with battle over witnesses'
· 'Alternative programming: Trump heads to Davos as part of strategy to make impeachment a sideshow'
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