Washington Free Beacon

· 'Big Sky Hypocrisy: Newsom Vacations in State He Put on No-Travel List'
· 'Kansas Dem Quietly Dumps Stock Portfolio After Free Beacon Exposé'
· 'European Union Classifies Gas and Nuclear as ‘Green’ Amid Energy Price Surge'
· 'New York Times Warns of ‘Rise of the Far-Right Latina’'
· 'Report: Georgia Dem May Face Another Run-In With the Law'
· 'PA Dem Pushed COVID Lockdowns During Taxpayer-Funded Jersey Shore Vacay, Records Show'
· 'Coldplay Dedicated Song to Notorious Anti-Semite, Analysis Finds'
· 'WATCH: Libs Spend Independence Day Hating on America'
· 'America’s Largest Nurses’ Union Calls on Congress To Legalize Abortion Up Until Birth'
· 'Virginia School District Prohibits Teachers From Contacting Parents When Students Change Gender'
· 'Hiding From Biden: Ohio Dem Won’t Attend President’s Cleveland Speech'
· '‘Straight-Up Misinformation’: Nancy Pelosi Lied to Donors About Dems’ Midterm Chances, Says Election Analyst'
· 'Ilhan Omar Booed by Hometown Crowd at ‘Somali Week’ Concert'
· 'Wisconsin Dem Calls US Founding ‘Awful’'
· 'NIH Nixes ‘Painful’ Puppy Experiments After Free Beacon Report'
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