Washington Post (International News)

· 'Iran confirms two Russian-made missiles hit doomed Ukrainian airliner'
· 'Death toll up to 10 in Ethiopia platform collapse; 250 hurt'
· 'Trump takes a victory lap at Davos, crowing about the U.S. economy and ignoring impeachment'
· 'Belarus starts importing oil from Norway after Russian halt'
· 'Lions are starving to death in a Sudan park. A worldwide campaign is underway to save them.'
· 'The U.S. is pushing Latin American allies to send their Cuban doctors packing — and several have'
· 'North Korea selects ex-soldier as new top diplomat, a pick that may bode ill for diplomacy'
· 'AP PHOTOS: Auschwitz, 75 years after its liberation'
· 'As ethnic violence persists in Congo, many fleeing to Uganda'
· 'West African presidents urge U.S. to stay in the fight against terrorism'
· 'Venetian islands revamp traditions to counter depopulation'
· 'Norway’s prime minister loses majority after authorities repatriate suspected member of Islamic State and her children from Syria'
· 'China virus: Expert says it can be spread by human-to-human contact, sparking concerns about the massive holiday travel underway'
· 'In Davos, a search for meaning with capitalism in crisis'
· 'Lev Parnas’s feverish text messages show his wide reach among Ukraine’s oligarchs and political elite'
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