Washington Post (U.S. News)

· 'Drinking deaths doubled in past two decades, with faster rate for women'
· '2 dead, 15 wounded in shooting outside Kansas City bar, police say'
· 'City noise supercharged my anxiety. It was nature sounds that saved me.'
· '2 dead, 5 injured after shooter fired ‘indiscriminately’ inside San Antonio club, police say'
· 'Honolulu shooting leaves two officers dead, homes torched, police say'
· 'California police say driver rammed into car, killing 3 teens'
· 'Religious-schools case heads to a high court skeptical of stark lines between church and state'
· 'Puerto Ricans still waiting on disaster funds as Hurricane Maria’s aftermath, earthquakes continue to affect life on the island'
· 'He helped make burgers safer. Now he’s fighting food poisoning again.'
· 'Okla. senators want MAGA license plates — which might violate federal campaign finance rules'
· 'Fighting suicides in dairy country through ‘farmer angels’'
· 'A radioactive legacy haunts this Navajo village, which fears a fractured future'
· 'Alleged drunk driver in fatal crash has case dismissed because of officer’s missteps'
· 'Officials said he died in a fall. Then his wife admitted to poisoning his water with eye drops.'
· 'Three decades after she left her baby for dead, police knocked on her door. She had been waiting.'
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