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• Strange 'sea pickles' keep washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest — and scientists are baffled
• The director of ICE just declined to support a central argument of Donald Trump's candidacy
• McConnell is known as a deal-closer, but he’s never done policy this big
• ‘Honor our contract’: Lawmakers press Trump not to deport foreign-born military recruits
• Why one man keeps ramming his car into Ten Commandments statues on government property
• Republicans push for speedy new health-care draft
• Trump says his administration is ‘liberating towns’ from foreign gangs
• Trump hosts Chicago Cubs at the White House
• A warming Antarctica will create new animal habitats. That could lead to some epic battles.
• Trump's pledge to keep the world from laughing at us hits another setback
• Senate GOP focuses on insurance premiums, but would health plans be affordable?
• These birds are the only other animals that drum to a beat
• McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by Friday
• Is this tweet from Sean Spicer cynical or simply out of touch with reality?
• Eric Trump: 'We made Turnberry great again"
• A catalogue of White House technological upgrades: Flushing toilets, a phone line, air conditioning. Oh, and Twitter.
• Mormon Church starts offering paid maternity leave, changes dress code
• Trump says he is aiming for a ‘great, great form of health care’
• Trump's health care promises are coming back to haunt him
• Trump hosts tribal, local leaders for energy meeting

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