Washington Times (International News)

· 'Netanyahu tries to rally global opposition to ICC case'
· 'Donald Trump highlights 'pro-worker' agenda in Davos, says 'great American comeback' has arrived'
· 'Nancy Pelosi visits Auschwitz before 75th anniversary of its liberation'
· 'The Latest: Mixed reactions to Trump's speech in Davos'
· 'Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet'
· 'Chinese sentences ex-boss of Interpol to 13 years for bribes'
· 'Greta Thunberg scolds Davos elites over climate as Trump arrives'
· 'S. Korea naval unit to expand operations to Strait of Hormuz'
· 'Trump on mission to sell US overseas as Senate trial resumes'
· 'UN: Most Sudan rebels and neighbors back Darfur peace hope'
· 'Iran expands Taliban support, targets U.S. troops in Afghanistan'
· 'Australia bush fires blamed on green forestry policies'
· 'Spanish league head takes on FIFA over expanding club event'
· ''África's richest woman' out of Davos well before report'
· 'Trump heading to Switzerland as impeachment trial reconvenes'
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