Washington Times (Int'l News)

· 'Da Silva, Bolsonaro head to runoff in Brazil's presidential race'
· 'Austin calls Putin's nuke threats 'irresponsible''
· 'China establishes police station in New York City'
· 'Labor, management denounce Biden administration's maritime waiver'
· 'Chinese espionage, cyber programs pose major counterintelligence threat, Senate report warns'
· 'At least 125 dead after riot, stampede breaks out at Indonesian soccer match'
· 'Pope appeals to Putin to end 'spiral of violence' in Ukraine'
· 'Ukraine presses counteroffensive after Russian setback'
· 'Hilaree Nelson, famed U.S extreme skier, gets traditional Nepalese funeral'
· 'Brazil holds historic election with Lula against Bolsonaro'
· '129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match'
· 'Venezuela releases 7 jailed Americans; U.S. frees 2 prisoners'
· 'Fewer Russians cross border to flee despite military call-up'
· 'Danes: Nord Stream 2 pipeline seems to have stopped leaking'
· 'Women protesters demand more security after Afghan bombing'
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