Washington Times (International News)

· The Latest: Russia bristles at US sanctions
· Rex Tillerson to meet with top Pakistani diplomats, discuss new Afghan war plan
· Eleanor Rigby's grave rights and Bible being sold at Beatles auction
· German police seize 5,000 orange ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump's head
· White House opens door to peace talks with the Taliban
· Attack victims came from around world to celebrate Barcelona
· US notes NKorea 'restraint,' points to possible dialogue
· Maine lawmakers give mixed review to Trump Afghanistan plan
· Shaheen, Hassan emphasize diplomatic process in Afghanistan
· Celeb ambassadors help national parks mark 101st birthday
· Mike Pence: Nation building is not the goal for America's role in Afghanistan
· India's top court: Instant divorce among Muslims unlawful
· Nikki Haley: Travel ban is aimed at monitoring countries where U.S. lacks info
· The Latest: Fresh US troops arriving soon in Afghanistan
· Filipino officials: Chinese navy stalked Philippine area
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