Washington Times (U.S. News)

· 'Pair of Cuban migrants apprehended at Florida airport after flying there on a motorized hang glider'
· 'USA Today defends 'Women of the Year' honors for transgender legislator Leigh Finke'
· 'Explosion at R.M. Palmer Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania kills two, injures eight'
· 'Idaho governor signs firing squad execution bill into law'
· 'Push to expand voting rights in U.S. for those held in jails'
· 'Community complaint leads to seizure of ghost gun and fentanyl pills in Montgomery County'
· 'Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94'
· 'Mississippi tornadoes kill 23, injure dozens overnight'
· 'As South bans abortion, thousands turn to Illinois clinics'
· 'Bans on biological males competing in girls' sports now sweeping the nation'
· 'Under siege: Conservatives terrified to speak out amid growing woke 'cancel culture''
· 'Bank failures and rescue test Yellen's decades of experience'
· 'Biden defends response to banking turmoil: 'Damn good job''
· 'Judge Kyle Duncan delivers lecture on free speech at Notre Dame after Stanford shutdown'
· 'More students avoid college, consider dropping out in COVID era'
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