Washington Times (U.S. News)

· Terry McAuliffe, Va. governor, blocks protests at Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond
· Terry McAuliffe, Va. governor, puts temporary hold on demonstrations at Lee statue
· The Daily Stormer, infamous neo-Nazi site, resurfaces at .lol address following Cloudflare ban
· Boston bans vendors from Common Saturday out of safety concerns surrounding 'Free Speech' rally
· Chris Cantwell, white supremacist at Charlottesville rally, wanted on warrants in Virginia
· Karim Baratov, Canadian man implicated in Yahoo hack, waives extradition hearing
· Univision chief: Charlottesville was result of Trump 'anti-immigrant ... intolerance'
· Julian Assange tells Dana Rohrabacher: WikiLeaks wants White House press passes
· Faith still a factor: Every state constitution in the nation mentions God or the divine, study finds
· Indianapolis considering removing Confederate monument from city park
· Portland airport worker breaches security; flight delayed
· Dana Rohrabacher calls for 'massive cyberattack' against North Korea
· Susan Bro, mother of slain protester Heather Heyer, says she won't talk to Donald Trump
· Larry Hogan, Maryland gov., removes Taney statue from state house; justice wrote Dred Scott decision
· James Mattis says a decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan
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