Washington Times (U.S. News)

· 'Biden touts 'incredible progress' on economy in bid to salvage Ohio's blue-collar vote'
· 'Poll finds American doubts about Bible at all-time high'
· 'NC governor signs executive order protecting abortion access'
· 'Knives out: Kellyanne Conway carves up Trump son-in-law Kushner for 2020 campaign 'debacle''
· 'Rapper who posted video showing COVID unemployment scam to plead guilty'
· 'Amazon takes stake in Grubhub, offers food delivery to Prime customers'
· 'Tipster helped avert July 4 mass shooting in Richmond, police say'
· 'Governor in hot seat after charter leader lambasts teachers'
· 'Study: Most reporters don't believe in 'equal' coverage in news stories'
· 'New report details missed chances to stop Uvalde shooting'
· 'Large Texas abortion provider will relocate to New Mexico'
· 'US allows pharmacists to prescribe Pfizer's COVID-19 pill'
· 'Chinese competitor outselling Tesla not as impressive when examining numbers'
· 'Senate Democrats revive talks to score wins by passing spending bill with party-line vote'
· 'Jury finds man guilty of murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle'
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