Washington Times (U.S. News)

· 'Boy who stood up for Gadsden flag promotes courage at Brave Books reading'
· 'Justice Sotomayor's lack of 'respect': Justices stew as high court opens new term'
· 'The Supreme Court's new term starts Monday. Here's what you need to know'
· 'Connecticut enacts its most sweeping gun control law since the Sandy Hook shooting'
· 'Chicago is keeping hundreds of migrants at airports while waiting on shelters and tents'
· 'Who is Arthur Engoron? Judge weighing future of Donald Trump empire is Ivy League-educated ex-cabbie'
· 'McCarthy not worried about job after needing Dem votes to pass stop-gap spending measure'
· 'Discovery of gravestone in suburban yard could derail Los Angeles area light rail expansion'
· 'House passes temporary spending bill to avoid midnight shutdown, sends to Senate'
· 'Flooding in New York City allows sea lion to escape enclosure within Central Park Zoo'
· 'Popular 'Fat Bear Week' contest could be postponed or canceled due to government shutdown'
· 'South Carolina inmates want executions paused while new lethal injection method is studied'
· 'Mississippi sees spike in child care enrollment after abortion ban and child support policy change'
· 'California Gov. Newsom will pick Feinstein's replacement. He pledged in past to choose a Black woman'
· 'IRS contractor charged with leaking tax return information of Trump, wealthy people'
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