Washington Times (U.S. News)

· 'Michael Avenatti being held in jail cell once used by El Chapo, his lawyer says'
· 'Recent Kansas editorials'
· 'Recent Missouri editorials'
· 'Wisconsin DOJ to review sexual assault investigations'
· 'Authorities searching for escaped Alabama inmate'
· 'Kiernan Williams, man arrested in San Antonio bar shooting, argues self-defense'
· 'Agents in North Carolina seize $460K in counterfeit goods'
· '14-year-old boy killed in weekend shooting in St. Louis'
· 'Mayor of Eagan arrested for drunken driving'
· 'Man who left mother in feces-filled home is sentenced'
· 'Changing tack, French strikers turn off power to press govt'
· 'Handcuffed Maryland suspect drives away in police cruiser'
· 'Baltimore authorities discover body inside burning car'
· 'Man suspected of killing girlfriend's mother in Fort Dodge'
· 'Feds: Florida man used damaged goods fraud to steal $1.5M'
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