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• This day in WND history: Hasta la vista, billboard!
Hasta la vista, billboard! April 28, 2005: Arnold Schwarzenegger was not amused. A controversial billboard promoting Spanish-language television station KRCA in L.A. that placed the city of angels in Mexico was “divisive” and “unnecessary” and should come down, the governor said. On the controversial billboard, the “CA” state abbreviation after “Los Angeles” was crossed out and [...]

• Be there: Living through Israel's Six Day War
Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem, during the Six Day War of 1967, is a seminal moment in modern history. It is also soaked with controversy. As the 50th anniversary approaches in June, it is fascinating to note the interviews, books and documentaries that have chronicled this extraordinary moment in history. The setting: encircled by hostile armies, [...]

• World keeping watch on volatile Kim Jong Un
WASHINGTON – As the world waited to see if Kim Jong un will conduct another nuclear test, Pyongyang escalated its bellicose rhetoric Thursday by releasing a unnerving video depicting a simulation of rocket attacks on the U.S. Capitol and an American aircraft carrier in a Third World War. The footage shows a missile descending upon [...]

• See, hear Netanyahu in Israel in November
WASHINGTON – There’s a reason Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has reached 70 percent support in Israel – a country with dozens of political parties and even more opinions, as the old joke goes. A new poll shows the conservative government with that kind of unprecedented public approval, with only 24 percent preferring a left-wing coalition. That [...]

• Terror suspect arrested near U.K. Parliament
(NBC NEWS) LONDON — A man carrying several knives was seized near Britain’s Parliament Thursday and arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist act, officials said. The 27-year-old suspect was detained just yards from where another attacker last month killed five people, including an American tourist and a policeman guarding the historic landmark.

• Loch Ness Monster goes 'missing'
(THE SCOTSMAN) The Loch Ness Monster has been posted missing – after eight months without a sighting. Gary Campbell, keeper of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, admitted that he was ‘worried’ by the lack of sightings, adding: “Last year was a record year with eight sightings but then she seems to have disappeared.”

• Israel attacks Iranian arms depot
(YNetNews) The Israel Air Force reportedly attacked an Iranian arms depot near the Damascus International Airport early Thursday morning, according to the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar television station. According to the report, a series of explosions rocked eastern Damascus at around 3:20am at fuel tanks and warehouses near the airport. Flames erupted from the military compound used [...]

• Trump rules out swift NAFTA withdrawal for renegotiation
(Bloomberg) President Donald Trump won’t immediately terminate U.S. participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement, the White House said, after he spoke with the leaders of Mexico and Canada about ways to renegotiate the accord. “Both conversations were pleasant and productive. President Trump agreed not to terminate Nafta at this time and the leaders [...]

• Red Bull's CEO reportedly launching news platform
(The Fader) Red Bull has become much more than just an energy drink company over the past two decades. The Austrian company has held the electronic music-focused Red Bull Music Academy event series annually since 1998 and has built upon this cultural platform with radio programming, an exhibition space in New York City, and an [...]

• U.N.: Repealing Obamacare could violate global law
(The Hill) The United Nations contacted the Trump administration earlier this year about its efforts to repeal ObamaCare, according to a new report. The U.N.’s “urgent appeal” asked whether scrapping ObamaCare without a suitable replacement would violate global law, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The Post reported that the Feb. 2 memo was sent from [...]

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