World Net Daily

· 'China bans wildlife trade as coronavirus spreads, death toll climbs'
· '5 million left Wuhan before lockdown, 1,000 new coronavirus cases expected in city'
· 'Trump preparing to reveal 'deal of the century' Middle East peace plan'
· 'Venezuelans visiting U.S. colleges to warn against evils of socialism'
· 'Average parent spends just 5 hours face-to-face with their kids per week!'
· 'U.S. preps to evacuate citizens as experts predict coronavirus virus could infect 270,000'
· 'Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts can be secretly altered'
· 'Melania Trump dons strikingly beautiful outfits at G7, wows world leaders, their spouses and press'
· 'Pompeo claims NPR reporter lied to him, couldn't even find Ukraine on a map'
· 'Historian scorches condescending Greta: 'I don't see her in Beijing or Delhi''
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