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• CNN producer: No 'big giant proof' for Russia claims
Caught on a hidden camera, a CNN producer admitted the network’s focus on allegations that Donald Trump’s election campaign colluded with Russia is mostly for ratings, noting his mostly liberal audience wouldn’t have put up with that kind of treatment of former President Obama. “I think there are a lot of liberal CNN viewers who want to see Trump really get [...]

• EU slaps Google with $2.7 billion fine
(CNN) – European Union regulators slapped Google with a record €2.4 billion ($2.7 billion) antitrust fine on Tuesday, the latest broadside fired at big American tech companies doing business in the region. The European Commission found that the U.S. tech giant denied “consumers a genuine choice” by using its search engine to unfairly steer them [...]

• Trump urges India to ease barriers for U.S. exports
(CNBC) — U.S. President Donald Trump urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do more to relax Indian trade barriers on Monday during talks in which both leaders took great pains to stress the importance of a strong U.S.-Indian relationship. At a closely watched first meeting between the two, Trump and Modi appeared to get [...]

• This day in WND history: U.K. bans yet another media star
U.K. bans yet another media star June 27, 2013: WND columnist Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, co-founders of Stop Islamization of America, were banned from entering the U.K. because, the government said, their presence “is not conducive to the public good.” Geller and Spencer were scheduled to speak in Woolwich June 29, 2013, at a memorial for [...]

• Stunner! France to use wall to deter terror
WASHINGTON – The French government is constructing a bulletproof, glass wall around the Eiffel Tower to prevent terror attacks that is projected to cost $20 million. The 8.2-foot-high wall was approved in January, and while many French are outraged by the construction of what they see as an eyesore, local politicians defended the plan. “The terror [...]

• 3 CNN staffers resign over 'Russia' story
(THE HILL) — Three CNN staffers resigned after the network retracted a story trying a top President Trump ally to a Russian investment bank. Thomas Frank, the author of the story, Eric Lichtblau, an editor in the CNN investigative unit that ran the story and Lex Haris, who oversaw the unit, have all left CNN, [...]

• Vatican: Bishop 'forcibly removed' by authorities
(THE LOCAL) — The Vatican expressed “grave concern” on Monday for one of its bishops in China, saying he was being held in an unknown location after being “forcibly removed” from his diocese. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the Holy See was “profoundly saddened” by the situation of Peter Shao Zhumin, who he said has [...]

• Travel-ban ruling won't stop most refugee arrivals
The U.S. Supreme Court slapped down the lower courts’ blocking of President Trump’s travel ban Monday and ruled that the administration can go ahead with implementing the ban until the court can hear the full case in October. But there is a caveat to Monday’s ruling as the Court threw open the door to a [...]

• Officials: Leaks by Obama holdovers jeopardize U.S. intel
(FREEBEACON) — A new wave of leaks targeting the Trump administration has actively endangered ongoing intelligence and military operations being conducted by the United States and its allies, sparking anger and concern inside and outside the White House, according to multiple conversations with senior U.S. officials intimately familiar with the situation. The classified leaks, which [...]

• School faces closure for not teaching about homosexuality
(HEATSTREET) — A private school for Orthodox Jewish girls aged three to eight faces closure because pupils are not taught about homosexuality or gender reassignment. The Vishnitz Girls School, in north London, does not give pupils “a full understanding of fundamental British values” according to a report by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s [...]

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