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· ''Pretty upset': How feds scrubbed report of terrorists at border'
· 'U.S. Marine gets shot in the head, still manages to shoot terrorist'
· 'Biden's tax claim 'beyond the pale even for politics''
· 'Supposedly 'sustainable' electric cars are getting junked over minor damage'
· 'Video reveals Biden's comment about 'kanation' and other curious flubs'
· 'N. Korea drills 'nuclear counterattack,' appears to launch missile from silo'
· ''Targeted and unsafe': Universities across America are holding 'Israel Apartheid Week''
· 'Bible college threatens to report Christian theologian as terrorist over anti-gay post'
· 'Even Lemon's 'pal' abandoning him, prominent CNN host 'wants nothing to do with Don anymore''
· 'Top comedian goes dark side with astonishing joke'
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