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• A model for anti-corruption Russians
• 'Sundown towns': Midwest confronts its complicated racial legacy
• Humongous gold coin stolen from Berlin museum
• Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny sentenced to 15 days in jail
• Will GOP's tax reform prove easier than health care?
• Why Russian protests are making the Kremlin rethink 2018 presidential elections
• Under anti-EU pressures, Europe's advocates find their footing
• The hackers trying to build a hack-proof operating system
• What keeps cybersecurity experts up at night?
• Cyclone Debbie prompts thousands of evacuations in northeast Australia
• White House office led by Trump's son-in-law to bring business ideas to government
• Life in a new land: a refugee's journey
• Trump and the question of truth
• Why is Colorado risking hundreds of millions to protect its marijuana industry?
• Infowars apologizes for spreading 'Pizzagate' theory. What does that mean for fake news?
• Seeking transparency, Congressional Democrats introduce 'Mar-a-Lago' act
• Could the Trump administration send Fethullah Gülen back to Turkey?
• With asylum grant, did the US just reward hate speech?
• Airstrikes in Mosul kill civilians: Are US rules of engagement getting slacker?
• Erdogan's tussle with Europe, The shame of the world, Regional support for Venezuela is vital, Scotland's place in the United Kingdom, US reengagement in the Middle East
• Readers write: Immigration path, talent at home, science knowledge
• Rep. Nunes' charge of Trump team surveillance – why it's key
• How Washington, D.C., is using social media to bring back missing children
• Tillerson's week: How top US diplomat’s ‘big reveal’ offered little clarity
• Hopeful combo: World economy grows, carbon emissions stay flat

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