Yahoo (International News)

· 'Cardinals become 1st team to hit 4 HRs in row in 1st inning'
· '5 MS-13 gang members convicted in brutal killing, 'chopping' of 2 teen Virginia boys'
· 'Former Trump White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway says Ron DeSantis has done a 'remarkable' job as Florida's governor'
· 'Lukashenko accused Ukraine of shelling Belarus and ordered to "put opponents capitals at gunpoint'
· 'A judge in Brazil ordered a 10-year-old rape victim to be removed from her family and sent to a shelter to prevent her from having an abortion'
· 'Florida girl 'punched, poked' shark in the eye before her brother fought it off, father says'
· 'Nearly 850,000 people signed a petition demanding that Justice Clarence Thomas should be booted from the Supreme Court following Roe v. Wade ruling'
· 'Florida offers new training for teachers that says it was a 'misconception' that 'the Founders desired strict separation of church and state': report'
· 'Opinion | The Rudy Giuliani Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore'
· 'I've been weight lifting for 5 years. Here are 6 things about getting fit I wish I'd known at the start'
· 'Ukraine’s army puts new American weapons to good use, says Pentagon'
· 'Can Phoenix, the hottest city in America, survive climate change?'
· 'Iran's top diplomat in Syria, slams Israel, Turkish threats'
· 'Russia's messages with missiles tell West to back off'
· 'A 10-year-old was forced to cross state lines for an abortion after Ohio's ban went into place. The Indiana doctor who helped her will soon be unable to assist others.'
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