Yahoo (International News)

· 'Google 'When did Kobe Bryant die' and it lists day of deadly crash as 'date of assassination''
· 'Bolton's lawyer blames the White House for leaking damaging book excerpts'
· 'Australia confirms fifth coronavirus case from last flight out of Wuhan'
· 'Shunned by the West and China, Zimbabwe Turns to U.A.E.'
· 'Mike Bloomberg rallies Jewish voters with speech decrying nativism'
· 'Mexican march for peace swarmed by angry protesters'
· 'Inmate found dead at Mississippi prison'
· 'Kobe Bryant was famous for using his Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter, a type that has a strong safety record'
· 'Democrats are having a field day after Trump's lawyers accidentally made the strongest case to call witnesses in his impeachment trial'
· 'Russia Is Determined to Buy Stealth Fighters, Bombers, Drones and Even a New Aircraft Carrier'
· 'China testing HIV drug as treatment for new coronavirus, AbbVie says'
· 'Sanders Goes After JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon in New Ad'
· 'Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz'
· 'Indiana 4-year-old dies after being accidentally shot while wrestling with his father'
· 'U.S. veteran group 'expects' apology from Trump for comment'
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