Yahoo (U.S. News)

· 'School shooter's use of swastikas is focus of court fight'
· 'Crypto exchange Genesis discloses exposure to bankrupt Three Arrows Capital'
· 'Christians strip down at a South Texas nudist community'
· 'Uvalde officer aimed rifle at gunman outside school but didn't fire, new report finds'
· ''Great, great, great tragedy.' Mike DeWine seeks police reform after Jayland Walker's death'
· 'Man accused of exposing himself to women, teens inside metro mall'
· 'Two St. Paul-area women indicted in $5.4 million fraud involving pandemic benefits'
· 'Mass shooting in Virginia’s capital thwarted on July 4th after tip-off, say police'
· 'Suspect charged in Fourth of July stabbing that left woman hospitalized'
· 'White House communications chief Bedingfield is latest to exit'
· 'Ohio launches new way to upload data needed to catch criminals. But few use it so far.'
· '‘Hero’ helps prevent July 4 shooting Virginia roommates were planning, cops say'
· '‘Erratic’ driver stole 4 cars during 2-hour pursuit across Charlotte, police say'
· 'Brownsville police investigating two separate shooting incidents'
· 'President Biden: Justice Department is monitoring Akron police shooting of Jayland Walker'
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