Yahoo (U.S. News)

· 'Is bringing back firing squads for executions a good idea?'
· 'Rio Tinto data vendor GoAnywhere's possible breach spotted in Jan-end'
· 'Baton Rouge police now searching for 2 suspected prostitutes in connection to Nathan Millard’s death'
· 'With grisly evidence, trial begins for the suspect in St. Paul quadruple homicide'
· 'Legal analyst on state attorney prosecutions: ‘If weight is not there, can’t bring the charge’'
· 'Man, 23, charged with attempted murder in Kalihi machete attack'
· 'Reports March 23'
· 'Theft from Limestone Volunteer Firefighters referred to AG's office'
· 'Springfield board pressured to reveal punishment for ‘Black Lives Matter’ incident on playground'
· 'Woman, 38, shoots boyfriend in Waianae, Honolulu police say'
· 'Hawaii Attorney General warns of fake FBI phone scam'
· 'Osiel Cardenas Jr. sentenced to over eight years in prison for gun smuggling'
· 'Kalihi arson suspect arrested after fire burns 3 vehicles'
· 'Four HPD officers plead not guilty in Makaha crash case'
· 'Trump lawyer testified to grand jury in December in classified documents probe'
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