Yahoo (U.S. News)

· 'GLOBAL MARKETS-China virus sends chill through markets as risks rise'
· 'Rescuers dig for trekkers missing in Nepal avalanche'
· 'US STOCKS-Futures lower as China virus outbreak, growth fears sour mood'
· ''Constitutional Nonsense': Trump's Impeachment Defense Defies Legal Consensus'
· 'Death toll up to 10 in Ethiopia platform collapse; 250 hurt'
· 'Pharma firms not making enough progress against superbugs: report'
· 'COLUMN-Plunging U.S. gas prices intensify squeeze on coal: Kemp'
· 'DAVOS-Greta says planting not enough after Trump backs trillion tree plan'
· 'Pharma firms not making enough progress against superbugs - report'
· 'Reuters Entertainment News Summary'
· 'Reuters Health News Summary'
· 'Reuters People News Summary'
· 'Reuters US Domestic News Summary'
· 'U.S. decries Iran threat to withdraw from global nuclear treaty'
· 'Namibia looks to import cattle as drought decimates local herds'
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