YNet News

· 'Israel's military suspends soldiers after Hebron clashes with left activists'
· ''Conversion therapy made me suicidal': Gay Israeli men talk life in the closet as religious Jews'
· 'Ben-Gvir to be National Security Minister in coalition deal'
· 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict catches up with World Cup in Qatar'
· 'Victim of Be'er Sheva car ramming says 'convinced' attack was terrorism'
· 'Israeli-Druze held by Palestinian gunmen laid to rest'
· 'Jerusalem blast victim's schoolmate was killed in Mount Meron disaster'
· 'Be'er Sheva car-ramming suspect claims being threatened'
· 'Jewish community groups host Afghan, Ukrainian refugees for Thanksgiving'
· 'Israel rescinds 200 Gaza work permits, citing bomb worries'
· 'Southern Israel man moderately hurt in suspected car-ramming attack'
· 'Top court upholds ban on screening of documentary 'Jenin Jenin' in Israel'
· 'Iranian hackers publish alleged security camera footage from Jerusalem blast'
· 'Body of Druze held by Palestinians in Jenin returned to family in Israel'
· 'Palestinian militants might return Israeli's body, source says'
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