YNet News

· ''For 50 years, I didn't speak of that war, now it burns within me''
· ''Elon Musk is the most dangerous antisemite in America''
· 'Iran says it defused 30 bombs in Tehran, detained 28 - Tasnim news agency'
· 'Security forces nab Palestinian students said to plan imminent terror attack'
· 'From the man in the picture - Yom Kippur War stories come to life'
· 'Herzog calls for 'national responsibility' before Yom Kippur'
· 'Lavrov compares Golan Heights to Donbas region of Ukraine'
· 'Israeli hospital refuses to register newborn of couple wed outside of Chief Rabbinate'
· 'Netanyahu returns from 'a successful' U.S. visit'
· 'Yom Kippur War's unsolved mystery: How two inseparable friends met their end together'
· 'US to announce Israel's acceptance into Visa Waiver Program'
· ''People in Jenin are surprised by the blonde ponytail and smile at me''
· 'It's been haunting me for 50 years: I shot down the Libyan plane'
· 'Netanyahu hails budding Saudi peace in UN, says Palestinians must not have veto power over agreement'
· 'Iran parades new 'longest-range' drone on Iraq war anniversary -state media'
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