UK Guardian News

· Ex-intelligence chief: Trump's access to nuclear codes is 'pretty damn scary'
· Jon Snow: reporting on Grenfell made me feel on wrong side of social divide
· EU nationals deportation letters an 'unfortunate error', says May
· Ex-courier convicted for mowing down woman on his track bike
· Allah-Las gig cancelled in Rotterdam due to terror threat
· Chanel owners pay themselves $3.4bn dividend – four times company's net profit
· White nationalist from Vice documentary to turn himself in to police
· Man caught with pipe bomb at Manchester airport jailed
· Viable suicide vest found in rubble of Spain attackers' bomb factory
· Dozens killed in airstrike on Yemeni hotel
· Bake Off needs 3 million viewers to break even, Channel 4 says
· Motorist would not have landed cyclist's 'wanton and furious driving' charge
· Three reasons remainers should stop calling for a second referendum on Brexit | Denis MacShane
· League of Gentlemen and Alan Partridge returning to BBC
· Health warning: why the sexy nurse stereotype is no laughing matter
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