UK Guardian News

· 'Coronavirus: China to bar 11m residents from leaving city at centre of outbreak'
· 'Trump announces new visa restrictions and plan to extend travel ban'
· 'Case for impeachment fails to disturb McConnell's sweet dreams of acquittal'
· 'From loo roll to dumplings: Hong Kong protesters weaponise purchasing power'
· 'Saracens owner entered into £1.3m ventures with players, says report'
· 'England's poorest 'get worse NHS care' than wealthiest citizens'
· 'Universal credit 'sending people into arms of loan sharks''
· 'Domestic abuse cases abandoned too quickly when victims retreat – study'
· 'No more free rides: US seeks to limit emotional support animals on planes'
· 'Out cold: unseasonal temperatures litter south Florida with stunned iguanas'
· ''Our future is not assured': Schiff issues stark warning at impeachment trial'
· 'Harriet Dart to use Simona Halep match as yardstick of development'
· 'Avenue 5 review – Armando Iannucci's cosmic caper gets utterly lost in space'
· 'Jay Rodriguez’s bolt from the blue for Burnley shatters Manchester United'
· 'Protesters who demanded Huawei CFO's release revealed to be paid actors'
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