UK Reuters News

· 'Incoming EU chief von der Leyen says 'we don't want a hard Brexit''
· 'No-deal Brexit under fire - Parliament grabs brakes against Boris Johnson'
· 'UK's top tax official to step down in the Autumn'
· 'UK hit with recession warning as Brexit battle builds in parliament'
· 'UK business and international development ministers both abstained on Brexit vote - aides'
· 'Bid to stop no-deal Brexit is counterproductive to Northern Ireland legislation - PM May's spokesman'
· 'PM May disappointed by ministers' voting after Brexit loss'
· 'MPs to vote on proposal for parliament to be recalled if suspended by new PM'
· 'UK police say they will prevent repeat of climate-change protest chaos'
· 'Labour peers could hold no-confidence vote in leader Corbyn - source'
· 'Knife crime soars to record in England and Wales but homicides fall'
· 'Irish PM says he may compromise on Brexit border issue'
· 'Ofwat calls for £12-billion boost to water network investment'
· 'Manchester bomber's brother appears in UK court charged with murder'
· 'UK may be entering full-blown recession - budget watchdog'
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