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• 'Marine A' Alexander Blackman freed from jail
Alexander Blackman, who had his sentence reduced for shooting dead an injured Taliban fighter, has been released from prison.

• Woman shot by police during anti-terror raid
A woman has been shot by police and four people were arrested during an anti-terror operation in north west London and Kent.

• Man questioned over Whitehall terror alert
Police are questioning a man who was arrested just yards from Downing Street on suspicion of preparing a terror attack.

• Vauxhall's reckless disregard for safety: MPs
Vauxhall showed a "reckless disregard for safety" by not stopping drivers using cars it knew were a fire risk, according to MPs.

• Brexit: Cable warns of 'second economic storm'
Brexit could trigger a bigger slump than the 2008 financial crash, the Liberal Democrats' veteran economic guru Sir Vince Cable is claiming.

• 15-year-old held over car theft killing
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a former Royal Navy officer was run over by his own car.

• 'White powder' packages sent to SNP offices
Three packages containing "white powder-type substances" have been sent to political offices in Scotland.

• Govt loses bid to delay pollution plan
The Government has lost its bid to delay publication of its long-awaited air pollution plan.

• Teen admits 'Elton John concert' 9/11 bomb plot
A teenager has admitted plotting a 9/11 anniversary bomb attack - possibly targeting an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

• Claudia's Law passed to help families of missing
The father of Claudia Lawrence, a chef who has been missing since 2009, has said he is "delighted" that a new law to help the families of missing people has cleared Parliament.

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