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• Boy with 'awful injuries' dies at rail depot
An 11-year-old boy has died after he suffered 'awful' electrical burns at a rail freight depot, police have said.

• MP accused of Grenfell blaze 'conspiracy'
A London MP has been accused of "fuelling conspiracy theories" after he said he had "sympathy" with the suggestion the authorities were covering up the true number of dead within Grenfell Tower in order to prevent civil unrest.

• Charlie Gard's parents 'upset' by court decision
The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a plea from the parents of a terminally ill British baby to intervene in the case.

• Watch man hit by double decker bus walk away
A man had a miraculous escape after being run over by a double decker bus - with CCTV cameras capturing him getting straight up and walking to the pub.

• Woman spared jail after helping refugee lover to UK
A former Front National supporter has been spared punishment after helping her lover, an Iranian refugee, cross into Britain.

• Beach-goer 'unnerved' by Camber Sands sea
A beach-goer has told an inquest there were no warning signs about dangerous sea conditions on the day five young men drowned on a trip to the south coast.

• Police let children use toy guns on firing range
West Midlands Police has been criticised after it allowed seven and eight-year-old children to use replica guns at a firing range.

• New fire panel chair advised against sprinklers
The panel appointed to "make all public and private buildings safe as quickly as possible" following the Grenfell Tower fire is to be chaired by a former chief fire and rescue officer who advised against retrospective fitting of sprinklers.

• May wants 'major national inquiry' after Grenfell
Theresa May has called for a "major national investigation" into the use of potentially flammable cladding in high-rise towers in the wake of the Grenfell fire.

• Corbyn to tempt Tories on emergency services pay
Jeremy Corbyn will challenge the Conservatives to show they are committed to ending "austerity" in the police and fire services by backing a Labour amendment to the Queen's Speech.

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