UK Yahoo News

· 'Toy recalled by European Commission over 'serious' choking risk'
· 'Man who kept crocodile and snakes in 'appalling conditions' in bedroom is jailed'
· 'Musician goes viral with tongue-in-cheek song about how ‘scary’ life is for men'
· 'The Moment A Tsunami Hit In Indonesia'
· 'The Anatomy Of A Click: What Happens To Your Data Online'
· 'Prison Officers To Be Armed With Pepper Spray To Combat Violence In Jails'
· 'Even Tory councils are now calling on ministers to ease the pain of cuts'
· 'Mental Health Patients Waiting Up To 13 Years For Specialised Help'
· 'Pro-Brexit minister refuses to explicitly back May's Chequers plan'
· 'At least 40 Tory MPs would reject Chequers-style plan, says ex-minister'
· 'Judge approves treatment for 'mad cow-like' Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease'
· ''He called me a psycho': Read the full letter of ex-girlfriend of Strictly star Seann Walsh'
· 'Prison officers to get pepper spray to help combat violence in jails'
· 'Leader of Northern Ireland's DUP says Brexit deal 'eminently possible''
· 'At least 40 of May's MPs willing to vote down Brexit deal, ex-minister says'
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