UPI (US News)

· 'Trump supporter demands retraction from Tucker Carlson for Jan. 6 riot conspiracy theory'
· 'Coin minted by Brutus after assassination of Julius Caesar repatriated to Greece'
· 'U.S., Canada strike agreement to divert asylum seekers ahead of Biden-Trudeau talks'
· 'Michigan appeals court rules Ethan Crumbley's parents must stand trial in school shooting case'
· 'House Republicans fail to overturn Biden veto on social governance rule'
· 'New Utah law mandates social-media users younger than 18 have parental consent'
· 'Off-duty pilot helps land 737 after Southwest pilot falls ill during flight'
· 'Manhattan DA refuses House Republicans' demands for testimony in Trump hush money probe'
· 'Stanford graduate student creates 'Collyge' video app to replace TikTok'
· 'On 13th anniversary of Affordable Care Act, president thanks those who made it a reality'
· '1 suspect killed in hostage situation in Houston as at least 2 people rescued'
· 'Virginia police officer fired after killing Black man accused of shoplifting sunglasses'
· 'Four indicted in defrauding NBA players a collective $13M'
· 'Father of Parkland shooting victim forcibly detained after shouting at Republican lawmaker'
· 'After Trump's calls for protest, judge orders anonymous jury in his upcoming sexual assault trial'
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