Weekly Standard

• The A-10 Warthog Lives
• Coping with the End of the World
• Serena Williams Is Not the Best Tennis Player Ever
• Prufrock: Ghosting, the Meritocracy of "Harry Potter," and the Origins of the NYPD
• Oh, the Humanities!
• Fear Is the Spur
• A Shooting in the Neighborhood
• A Welcome Victory Against the Indian Child Welfare Act.
• Frustrated, Trump Eyes China Tariffs
• Republicans Have a Medicaid Problem
• McConnell Yanks Senate Health Bill
• The High Cost of College
• Will Illinois Need a Federal Bailout?
• Showing-Up Ribbon
• Prufrock: J.F. Powers at 100, Exhuming Dali, and Woodrow Wilson's Faith
• The Woman Who Spoke the Language of Children
• Video Games Aren't Good for You
• How the Cubs' Patience Was Rewarded
• Taken for a Ride in Austin
• White House Warns Syria Will Pay 'A Heavy Price' for Another Chemical Attack
• House Intel Committee Forges Ahead With Unmasking Investigation
• Not in Our Best Interests
• The Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge
• A Victory at SCOTUS for Religious Freedom
• Supreme Court Unanimously Allows for Partial Implementation of Travel Ban
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