Weekly Standard

· 'The Alt-Right Isn't Right'
· 'China to Buy American Manufacturer?'
· 'Will Don Jr. Be Left Holding the Bag?'
· 'What To Expect From 2018’s ‘Pink Wave’'
· 'Everything You Need to Know about Tuesday's Primaries'
· 'Mark Zaid: 'Any NDA that extends beyond classified information would be unconstitutional.''
· 'How Donald Trump Brought Rick Perry Out of Retirement'
· 'Afternoon Links: Studying Twins, the Iraqi Spy Inside ISIS, and the Kid Who Hits 'Dingers''
· 'Six Questions About Trump's White House NDAs'
· 'Fact Check: Are Police Trained to Look for a 'Black Dot' as a Secret Signal From Abuse Victims?'
· 'It’s Tiger for a New Generation'
· 'Prufrock: Langston Hughes’s Birthdate, Playing Verdi on Repeat for 16 Years, and Canova’s Washington'
· 'Confirmed: Trump's White House Staffers Signed NDAs'
· 'Delay, Delay, Delay'
· 'The NFL Doesn’t Care About You, Or Your Service'
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