Weekly Standard

• John Kasich Calls the Latest GOP Health Care Efforts 'Window Dressing'
• Kristol: It's Not Easy Being Trump
• Trump Needs a Booming Economy to Succeed. He Doesn't Have One.
• Substandard Show Notes--Episode 1.25
• Purdue Seeks to 'Disrupt' Higher Ed by Acquiring Kaplan University
• Prufrock: A Prophetic 'Mariner', Bog Bodies, and Scalia's Speeches
• Red Trump
• Lawmaker: We're Betting Trump Will Announce Embassy Move During Israel Trip
• The Ad Hoc Presidency
• Out of the Warehouse
• Fix the Fixer
• Safe for Democracy
• The Age of Anxiety
• Goodbye, Palmyra
• 100 Down . . .
• Bush steps up fight against Axis of Cholesterol.
• Korea in His Pocket
• Fathers and Sons
• One Writer’s Message
• Casinos Royale
• Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
• North Korea, Then and Now
• A Guide to Discovery
• Wow If True
• Pledging Allegiance
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