Weekly Standard

· 'Absentee Without Leave'
· 'The Radio Talker Who Surprised Washington'
· 'The Media Thought George H.W. Bush Was Terrible. Then They Met Trump.'
· 'How California Is Failing Its Traumatized Homeowners'
· 'A Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax. No, Seriously.'
· 'What's Next for Nikki Haley?'
· 'Senators Seek Compromise on Amendments Before Yemen Debate'
· 'Prufrock: Bad Theatre Behavior, the Return of the Classics, and the Rise in Book Coverage'
· 'The Substandard on Green Book, Italian Accents, and Vic's Picks'
· 'See Cory Run'
· 'Stand Down, Rand'
· 'Why Does Trump Want His Own RT?'
· 'Generation No Name'
· 'What the Word 'Front-Runner' Means for Democrats in 2020'
· 'Weeding Out the Bad in the NFL'
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