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· Haley urges UN to follow U.S. lead in confronting Iran’s ‘destructive’ policy
· Hollywood depravity, like the Bill Clinton culture, has been enabled by the Left
· DOJ left American public in dark about probe of Russia-Clinton uranium deals
· ‘China dream’: Xi Jinping proclaims ‘new era’ after silencing U.S.-based billionaire dissident
· Desperate prayers by Trump’s great aunts in ‘sanctuary’ cottage said to spark Hebrides Revival in Scotland
· Iran’s chief of staff arrives in Syria, announces joint campaign against ‘Zionist enemy’
· FBI turns over 2,800 more Huma Abedin work documents stored on Anthony Weiner’s laptop
· NYT editor: We tried to show voters how ‘insanely crazy’ Trump is, Pence ‘f—— horrible’
· Study points to advantages marriage offers men, women and children
· Halloween costume fun on campus? ‘Unacceptable’, but targeting Trump is fine
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