World Tribune

· 'Putin in Syria hails ‘counter terrorism’ victory, orders partial Russian withdrawal'
· 'Movie theaters to open in Saudi Arabia for first time in 35 years'
· 'DNC ‘dossier’ firm tried to link Trump to Clinton friend, a convicted pedophile'
· 'Former Facebook VP haunted by guilt; His children ‘aren’t allowed to use that s—t’'
· 'Attorney for IT worker who took a hammer to Clinton cell phones is Mueller deputy'
· 'U.S., S. Korea, Japan stage drill to track N. Korean missiles'
· 'UNC board weighs conservative center to foster diversity, counter ‘mono-culture’'
· 'Iran calls on Islamic states to sever ties with U.S.; Abbas cancels Pence meeting'
· 'The anti-Trump beat: Big media outlets downplay rash of factual errors'
· 'Jerusalem: Trump action followed years of rhetoric by Obama, Clinton and Bush'
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