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• Why FBI Director Comey must resign immediately
• Report: Mattis memo raises issue of U.S. navigation near fight with Houthis in Yemen
• Army may fire sergeant who warned in email about disclosure of classified information
• Mexico City’s archdiocese brands Mexican firms collaborating with wall ‘traitors’
• ‘Bad boys of Brexit’ join effort to split California in two: Coastal elites vs the people
• When it was ‘our moment in time,’ where were all the members who voted 50 times to repeal Obamacare?
• Mattis makes Al Qaida strike a teachable moment: ‘Terrorists who defame Islam’ are not safe
• Did Obamacare win or did Ryancare go down in flames? Trump’s take
• China’s vice premier hails ‘unstoppable momentum’ of globalization
• N.C. Republicans target wind farms that would impact military sites
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