World Tribune

· 'Top Senate Republicans press Barr for ‘classified’ details on FBI’s Hillary investigation'
· 'A crack in Silicon Valley’s Wall? Twitter splits with ‘safety partner’ SPLC'
· '‘Geographic prejudice’: McConnell hits ‘coastal cities’ plot to remake U.S. ‘in their image’'
· 'AG Barr denies bond for ‘credible fear’ asylum seekers'
· 'Pence in tense Venezuela showdown at UN: ‘Nicolás Maduro must go’'
· 'Unreported: ‘Christianophobic’ attacks on the rise in France and Germany'
· 'Khamenei to Islamic neighbors: By colluding with Israel, you violate Koran'
· 'How out-of-state networks funded by Soros orchestrate state-level legislation'
· 'Huh? ‘No demand’ for Valerie Jarrett book, but it’s No. 14 on NY Times’ best seller list'
· '‘Highly unusual’: Former Comey adviser says multiple Clinton loyalists lobbied FBI'
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