World Watch Monitor

· 'Violent Islamist militancy spreads into weak states across sub-Saharan Africa'
· 'Risk of persecution going digital with rise of surveillance state'
· 'From sub-Saharan Africa to China, Christians experience ‘high’ levels of persecution'
· 'Tajik pastor freed after 3 years in prison for ‘singing extremist songs in church’'
· 'India: Supreme Court orders seven Kandhamal Christians freed on bail after 9 years in prison'
· 'Al-Shabaab singles out 11 to kill in bus attack in northern Kenya; raises fear for Christians'
· 'For Gambian Christians, there’s a lot to like — and one big worry — in the proposed constitution'
· 'Korean murdered in southeast Turkey ‘for mobile phone’'
· 'Refusing to move, an Ethiopian congregation is arrested'
· 'Egypt: Series of fires in their churches ‘not a coincidence’, say Copts'
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