World Watch Monitor

· 'Niger: US aid worker Jeff Woodke faced ‘brutal’ treatment in captivity'
· 'Niger: US aid worker Jeff Woodke released'
· 'Egypt: Copt and son killed in IS attack'
· 'Pakistan: Christians continue to face blasphemy convictions and violent attacks'
· 'Egypt: Father and son stabbed in latest attack on Copts'
· 'ICC Prosecutor visits Nigeria to discuss war crimes and crimes against humanity with government'
· 'Egypt: Copt stabbed seven times by neighbour who’d lured in his son'
· 'Egypt: Coptic Christian imprisoned for 5 years for ‘blasphemy’'
· 'Pakistan: ‘Attack on pastors illustrative of increasing pressure’, say Christians'
· 'Afghanistan overtakes N Korea as most dangerous place to live as a Christian'
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