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· 'Behind the decline: Unraveling the forgotten reasons of fading neighborhood churches'
· 'The American church is falling for demonic spirits'
· 'How should Christians think about transhumanism?'
· 'This week in Christian history: Peter Cartwright dies, papal infallibility challenged'
· 'Teen dies after court blocked her from seeking treatments; family speaks out'
· 'Travel: Postcard from Fort Benton, Montana'
· 'An Oxford University society's concerning report on local churches'
· 'California county rescinds 'American Christian Heritage Month’ after pressure from ACLU'
· 'China: Chinese Street Evangelist Detained For ‘Organizing Illegal Gatherings’'
· '11 Christians massacred by Islamic State terrorists in Mozambique: report'
· 'Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation at Screening of John MacArthur’s ‘The Essential Church’ at G3 National Conference'
· 'The communist revolution in America'
· 'Spiritual formation manifesto: Practical ways to follow Jesus'
· 'Pro-life group warns federal 15-week abortion ban may pressure states to 'water down' restrictions'
· 'Two-thirds of Evangelicals in two-adult households do their giving as a couple: study'
· 'Indonesian Christians face continued persecution despite official recognition of Christianity'
· 'Progressives hate school choice until it’s time to send their kids to school'
· 'My loyalty is to the Lord, not to a political candidate or party'
· 'How to protect your heart from your sinful nature'
· 'Brian Houston teases new book'
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