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· 'Rare Dumbo octopus filmed in North Pacific Ocean'
· 'Donald Trump Commits to Nevada Caucus'
· 'California Bill to Have Human Drivers Ride in Autonomous Trucks Is Vetoed by Governor'
· 'On anniversary of war, a Golan kibbutz invites visitors for historic, cultural tours'
· 'Israel arrests Palestinian university terror cell in West Bank'
· 'Russian-installed head of Donetsk imposes 5-hour curfew'
· 'Lauryn Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers Draw Fans to Rainy Central Park Aid Fest'
· 'Biden: Republicans Should Live Up to Budget Deal'
· 'NASA Readies for Dramatic Return of Asteroid Sample to Earth'
· 'Kosovo policemen shot in Serb-dominated north'
· 'Armenia urges UN to monitor human rights in Nagorno-Karabakh'
· 'Tracking Sites Show Second Ukraine Wheat Shipment Reaches Turkey'
· 'Orthodox group says will hold Tel Aviv public prayer despite ban on gender divider'
· 'Migrant surge pushes US border city to 'breaking point''
· 'First recorded evidence of Yom Kippur depicts day of affliction as sectarian struggle'
· 'Germany: Asylum seeker murder case in court after 32 years'
· 'Germany town to decide if far-right AfD gets its first mayor'
· 'Kosovo PM Says 'Criminal And Terrorist Act' Kills Police Officer In Mostly Serb North'
· 'Separatists Say Ethnic Armenians To Leave Nagorno-Karabakh As Baku, Yerevan Feud At UN'
· 'Ethnic Armenians will leave Nagorno-Karabakh'
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