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· 'Pakistan army says Iranian 'terrorists' killed four soldiers'
· 'Ukraine's SBU Security Service Searches Residence Of Metropolitan Pavlo, Issues Notice Of Suspicion'
· 'Pope Francis leaves Rome hospital after bronchitis treatment, will participate in Holy Week services'
· 'Foreign policy play: Biden pressures Netanyahu to act as Israel erupts in protests'
· 'Women to be prosecuted 'without mercy' for not wearing veils, says Iran'
· 'Japan Tightens Chipmaking Equipment Exports Amid US-China Tech Spat'
· '‘April 1 absurdity’: Russia takes over rotating presidency of UN Security Council'
· 'Pope Francis departs hospital, delivers two-word joke to reporters ahead of Holy Week'
· 'Colombia Raises Alert Level for Deadly Volcano on Increased Seismic Activity'
· 'April Fool's Day: Why the press is now avoiding pranks'
· 'Right-wing extremists in Germany's judiciary?'
· 'Ukraine updates: Russia takes UN Security Council presidency'
· 'Ex-police officials: ‘Hard to believe’ disputed deadly Jerusalem shooting not on CCTV'
· 'LA synagogue hosts ‘Mitzvah Mania’ with Jewish pro wrestlers'
· 'Kvitova Says Russians, Belarusians Should Not Be Allowed Back At Wimbledon'
· 'Person killed after roof collapses during heavy metal gig as witnesses describe 'chaos''
· 'At Least Nine Women, Three Children Killed In Stampede At Charity Distribution Center In Pakistan'
· 'How a run-in with Guillermo del Toro led to NYC’s first Mexican Jewish Film Festival'
· ''I am still alive,' Pope Francis says while leaving hospital'
· 'Ben-Gvir is dangerous to Israel, former police chief says'
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