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· 'Ukraine Works To Restore Water, Power After Russian Strikes'
· 'Iran launches smear campaign against jailed female journalists'
· 'Police briefly shut Jerusalem entrance after suspected pipe bomb found'
· ''Living in a nightmare': Kyiv families without water or electricity in suffering 'worse than WWII''
· 'Israel Police find pipe bomb near Jerusalem's Bridge of Strings'
· 'World Cup sparks flashes of Arab unity after years of discord'
· 'Mass nude photo staged on famous beach for skin cancer awareness'
· 'Berlin opens first-ever Cold War museum'
· 'Raids across Europe hit 'dangerous' crime network'
· 'Ukraine president’s chief of staff says Russia 'will pay' for Soviet-era famine'
· 'Toqaev Sworn In For Second Term As Kazakhstan's President After Vote That 'Lacked Genuine Competition''
· 'Indonesia Earthquake Toll Reaches 310 as More Bodies Found'
· 'Shootings at Brazil Schools Leave 3 Dead, 13 Wounded'
· 'Nearly Half a Ton of Cocaine Seized in Albania, 10 Arrested'
· 'The rise and fall of the opium-fueled Sassoon dynasty, the ‘Rothschilds of the East’'
· 'China's Xi sends message to N. Korea promising 'stability''
· 'Herzog says important to mark Holodomor, but stops short of calling it ‘genocide’'
· 'In Rare Public Spat, Zelenskiy Criticizes Kyiv Mayor Over Emergency Centers'
· 'Walmart manager who shot dead six co-workers left 'death note' and said he was compared to Jeffrey Dahmer'
· 'Amazon Workers Protest at Some German, French Sites on Black Friday'
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