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· 'Judge orders @Amazon to cease retaliating against employees for labor activism washex.am/3F03Y6y'
· 'Tax Refunds For Millions of Americans May Be Smaller This Year, Says IRS'
· 'Albuquerque, New Mexico: Police-involved shooting leaves 1 dead'
· 'Strategy 'urgently needed' to address cybersecurity risks to oil and gas infrastructure: report'
· 'National Science Foundation gives tens of millions to fight COVID 'disinformation,' populism'
· 'House GOP leadership rejects 6 of 8 rules changes sought by conservatives, with more pending'
· 'TikToc politics: How Trump prevailed over Biden in security debate over Chinese social app'
· '.@NHL responds to backlash after declaring 'trans women are women' washex.am/3VrDtMD'
· 'President @JoeBiden goes all in on the UN's 'climate reparations' scam Commentary by @ZacharyFaria: washex.am/3F3oBib'
· ''World's oldest meal' discovered in ancient fossil washex.am/3EwZLpi'
· 'DOJ sets the stage to interfere in yet another election, writes @StaufferVaughn. washex.am/3ECSBjp'
· 'Illinois police save drowning child in icy pond, mother says she thought her son 'was not going to be here''
· 'Florida police prevent 'mass casualty' event after stopping woman from driving car through 5K route'
· 'Advocates ask NM court to reconsider electricity rate case'
· 'Maryland gun store looted on Black Friday, thieves allegedly took 'long guns''
· 'Washington Examiner retweeted: Mike Lindell said he could launch a long-shot bid to head the RNC after the @GOPChairwoman “failed” in her leadership, citing significant GOP losses in the midterm elections. "The country needs “a new input to get a new output." From me | @dcexaminer: washingtonexaminer.com/news/mike-lind…'
· 'Washington Examiner retweeted: “Twitter was one of the tools that they used to control the narrative. … Now, they don’t have that anymore,” @dcexaminer's @KayleeDMcGhee said Friday on @FoxBusiness. “And they can't stand that." Full blurb from me: washingtonexaminer.com/news/white-say…'
· 'Washington Examiner retweeted: Rewind this video: Special counsel Jack Smith should be unappointed washex.am/3U97EHw @AndrewCMcCarthy'
· 'North Carolina mall shooting on Black Friday leaves 2 injured, police say'
· 'Ivanka Trump posts photos from World Cup with family'
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