Yahoo News (Canada)

· Green Line savings from provincial cash should be used to extend phase 1, says councillor
· Judge says Deline, N.W.T., man who enticed police to kill him last January a 'struggling human being'
· Grizzly chases cyclist near Radium Hot Springs
· Fans say final goodbye to 'Godfather of zombies' George Romero at visitation
· Comfort amidst trauma: Dogs work with abused children at Sheldon Kennedy Centre
· Crown seeks dangerous offender designation for Daniel Nickolson
· Fans dress as zombies to honour 'Night of the Living Dead' creator George Romero
· Missing non-lethal grenade launcher, ammunition found: B.C. police
· School bus driver seriously injured in crane crash has died, family says
· New Alberta conservative party meets, but loses caucus member
· Bayview and York Mills closed due to water main break
· Ontario program to improve rural internet connection finding many residents with no service
· Probation and $100 fine for Calgary police officer who broke into estranged wife's home
· Truth and Reconciliation Commission chair to probe Thunder Bay police
· Calgary urged to wait for more details before deciding on 2026 Olympic bid
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