Yahoo (Australia)

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· 'Australia Post warns of holiday text message scam'
· 'Doctors 'astonished' by what man spat out in extreme coughing fit'
· 'Dozens of foetuses and infant remains seized in funeral home raids'
· 'Shocking video shows high school students' dramatic car park brawl'
· 'Man 'falsely claims more than $60,000 intended for drought-stricken farmers''
· 'Sickening moment man is pushed under truck'
· 'Kmart store evacuated after trapped falcon starts swooping customers'
· 'How to get your ATAR score and what it means'
· 'Man exchanges boat for a six-pack of beer - but there's a catch'
· 'Taxi driver appears to cut off cyclist but debate rages over who is to blame'
· ''My God, an innovator!': Man's hilarious vertical blind 'hack' goes viral'
· 'Man and woman drive 1400km with two children in the boot'
· ''24 hours in emergency': Mum's fury after nurse 'laughs at sick baby''
· 'One-year-old boy dies after being hit by maxi taxi on Gold Coast'
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