Yahoo (Australia)

· 'London crash being treated as 'terrorist incident': police'
· 'Man accused of murdering partner was a ‘great support’'
· 'Disturbing video shows 'idiotic' teens playing chicken with trains'
· 'Bunk bed recall over fears sleeper could become trapped'
· 'Ute bends in half in horror crash that killed two'
· 'Dad grades school letter after he's fined for son missing class'
· 'Man, 25, trapped in the body of a 12-year-old boy'
· 'Hero dad fights for life after plunging from balcony to save his son'
· 'Dentist reveals 'scary' reason you should give up gin and tonics'
· 'Can you see the reptile hiding near this window frame?'
· 'Cold sore kills baby just 13 days old'
· 'Pregnant woman accused of shoplifting because of baby bump'
· 'Man admits to decapitating housemate's dog'
· 'Man accused of fatal hit-and-run 'smirks' on his way to court'
· 'Man dies after hit in throat by flying tent peg'
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