Yahoo (Australia)

· 'Monty Python star Terry Jones dies aged 77 after dementia battle'
· 'City's extraordinary move amid deadly virus outbreak'
· 'Courageous dog saves hundreds of sheep from bushfires'
· 'Woman's hilarious response to snarky note about her parking'
· 'The people who are exempt from wearing bike helmets under new law'
· 'The sunscreen chemicals entering your bloodstream at unsafe levels'
· 'Tradie discovers he's a millionaire after find in glovebox'
· 'Bushfire rages out of control as east coast braces for fierce heatwave'
· ''Disgusting excuse for a human': Disturbing video shows cruel attack on kangaroo'
· 'New road rule involving cyclists could see drivers cop hefty fine'
· 'Heavy rains forcing killer funnel web spiders into homes'
· 'How being trapped in a horrific bushfire saved this koala's life'
· 'Belle Gibson's home raided to recoup $500,000 fine'
· ''Incredibly dangerous': Warning over new viral TikTok challenge'
· 'Exclusive suburb descends into 'appalling' dumping ground'
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