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Russia and Iran Sign Deal to Expand Military Cooperation
Russia and Iran have signed an agreement to expand their military ties and resolve a long-standing dispute over the sale of a controversial air defense system to the Islamic Republic, the Times of Israel reported. [ 1 Comment ]

Saudi King's Health Connected to End Times According to some Shiites
In the last two years, media outlets have published conflicting reports on Saudi King Abdullah's health. Just last week, Saudi Arabia's Royal Court announced that the king has pneumonia and is temporarily using a breathing tube. In fact, every time the king's health deteriorates, news agencies speculate on what will become of the Saudi dynasty and its leadership after the king's death. But some Shiite scholars think differently about the matter, believing that Abdullah's death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world, al-Monitor reported. [ No Comments ]

Iran-Backed Militias Receiving U.S. Weapons
U.S. weapons intended for Iraq's beleaguered military are winding up in the possession of the country's Shiite militias, according to U.S. lawmakers and senior officials in the Barack Obama administration. [ No Comments ]

Latest Israel News
Israel Closes Three Islamic Charities for Causing Unrest on Temple Mount
The Shin Bet and the Israel Police on Monday closed three NGOs they say were funneling money to activities meant to "inflame tensions on the Temple Mount", according to a statement put out by the security service. [ 1 Comment ]

Freedom of Information Act May Force DOD to Declassify Report on Israel Nuclear Program
Defense officials are fighting a three-year-old request under the Freedom of Information Act to release a 1987 report supposedly discussing Israel's nuclear technology. [ 1 Comment ]

Latest U.S. News
U.S. Senate Passes Terrorism Insurance Bill
The Senate on Thursday overwhelming passed a measure to reauthorize the lapsed Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, one day after the House easily cleared the measure to reinstate the federally backed insurance safeguard against terrorism attacks. [ No Comments ]

Eleven Earthquakes in North Texas Over the Past 27 hours
North Texas has been rattled by 11 earthquakes in just over one day. The latest one took place just before 10:00 a.m. and measured 2.7 in magnitude. Another quake about 90 minutes earlier registered in at a 2.6 in magnitude. [ 2 Comments ]

Latest Christian News
Kenya: Christian Shot to Death Outside Church
Kenyan police are searching for a gunman who shot a Christian to death while on his way to a church in Mombasa on Jan. 11, according to Morning Star News. [ No Comments ]

Zimbabwe Authorities Threaten Christian Ministry
Zimbabwe government authorities are threatening to arrest any Christians who refuse to leave the Maleme farm in Bulawayo where the Shalom and Ebenezer Christian ministries are located, according to Barnabas Aid. [ No Comments ]

NC Residents Rally Over Removal of 'Religious' Memorial
North Carolina residents came together last week to protest the removal of a veterans' memorial, according to Christian News. [ No Comments ]

Online Petition Aimed at Obama
Before Barack Obama visits India, an online petition has urged the president to ask India's Narendra Modi to "preserve and promote the religious freedom of minorities," according to The American Bazaaar. [ No Comments ]

Nigerian Government Urged to Rebuild Churches
The Nigerian Federal Government has been urged to rebuild the churches that were razed by Boko Haram during its attacks in the northern part of the nation, according to All Africa. [ No Comments ]

Conversions Cause China to Ban Christmas Celebrations
There has been a flood of conversions to Christianity in China for both its Catholic and Protestant sects, according to Asia News. [ 1 Comment ]

Christians Targeted in Libya
Early Saturday morning, masked militants kidnapped about 13 Egyptian Christians from a housing complex in Sirte, Libya, according to International Christian Concern. [ 1 Comment ]

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