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Residents In Augusta to 'March For Jesus'
When Christians come together in unity it makes a powerful statement, and thousands will gather in Augusta, Georgia, this Saturday, Oct. 22, to take a stand for Jesus. [ No Comments ]

Pulpit Freedom Sunday: Pastors to Protest IRS Restrictions on Speaking About Politics
Pastors across the country will protest Internal Revenue Service restrictions on them not to talk politics in the church as they observe the annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday, days after the introduction of the Free Speech Fairness Act in the U.S. House to reinstate pastors' and churches' rights to speak freely. [ 1 Comment ]

Christian pastors face death penalty if convicted in Sudan
Last December, two evangelical pastors from the Church of Christ in Sudan were taken from their churches and thrown into jail. Last month, the Rev. Abdulraheem Kodi and the Rev. Kuwa Shamal Abu Zumam were charged with numerous offenses, including waging war against the state, espionage and undermining Sudan’s constitutional system. [ No Comments ]

The State of The Church in America: When Numbers Point To A New Reality
Christianity is on the decline, Americans have given up on God, and the “Nones”—those who have no religious ties—are on the rise. It is indeed true that parts of the Christian Church in America are struggling, while a growing number of Americans are far from God. [ 2 Comments ]

Christianity in Africa Threaten by Rise of Militant Islam
As the world focusses on potential military advances against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it risks overlooking another vast region where militant Islam is a growing threat to the Church - in the continent where the Church is growing fastest: Africa. [ 3 Comments ]

Domino Effect - Financial Crisis in European Union
Brexit vote sparks new revolt by EU states
Former communist states are planning to exploit the fallout of Brexit with a “counter-revolution” designed to block migrant deals and assert the power of national governments over Brussels. [ No Comments ]

Russia Arrested Ukrainian Religious Leader While Preaching at a St. Petersburg Messianic Congregation
Russia has brought an administrative case against a religious leader under the country’s controversial new package of anti-terrorist laws. [ 4 Comments ]

Latest Christian Headlines

An immensely important Christian shrine, thought to be on the site where Jesus Christ spoke to the prophets Elijah and Moses, was robbed and vandalized in a brazen attack, officials announced Tuesday.

Thousands of Christians from cities representing more than 90 countries around the world gathered in New York City Tuesday for the opening of the Movement Day Global Cities conference where they tackled issues under the banner of disrupting cities with the Gospel globally.

Sean Penn and the Clinton Foundation may crow about their disaster relief efforts in Haiti, but away from the limelight, churches on the island nation are quietly working to pick up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

After capturing territory in northern Iraq, ISIS drove out the local Christian population and began to eviscerate any remnants of the religion from the area.

Christians from an Iraqi town are celebrating after military forces took it back from the Islamic State (ISIS) following two years of living under the terrorist regime.

A Christian bakery in Northern Ireland lost its appeal on Monday to overturn a ruling that it discriminated against a customer based on sexual orientation.

A North Korean woman who was forced to work in a prison camp where she started a secret Christian church and won converts for the faith despite immense persecution, has revealed that people living under the regime are taught that Christians kill people and drink their blood.

Politicians in Washington aren't going to care much right now about a movie depicting the short life of a Christian girl, according to film producer Chuck Howard. But that's not going to stop the Nashville resident from trying to motivate lawmakers to take on Google and dismantle what he says has become a biased media monopoly.

A regular Sunday at church escalated quickly when a man suddenly stood up and started stabbing the parishioner sitting in front of him.

A new study has revealed that divorce is a major reason for why many millennials have left the church.