Christian Father of Two in Pakistan Sentenced to Death for ‘Blaspheming’ Prophet of Islam
A Christian father of two in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for blaspheming Islam’s prophet in a phone text even though he is illiterate, sources said. [2 Comments]

Senators push for churches to get disaster relief grants
Four Republican senators introduced a bill Monday that would allow churches to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance program grants, putting the houses of worship on the same playing field as non-religious nonprofits. [1 Comment]

God is using hurricanes to speak to us, says Anne Graham Lotz
Is God trying to send people a message with all of the catastrophic natural disasters taking place all over the world? As far as Anne Graham Lotz of AnGel Ministries is concerned, the answer is yes.

Christians With Muslim or Buddhist Backgrounds Most Heavily Persecuted in China; Leader Pleads for Bibles
Believers with Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds are the most persecuted Christian groups in China, according to a watchdog organization. And those Christians are in urgent need of Bibles in their own languages.

China tightens its 'choke-hold' on churches, enforces ban on children worshipping
China has tightened its 'choke-hold' on churches across the country in recent weeks, according to the rights and religious freedom group China Aid. [3 Comments]

Biblical Type Miracle?: What Happened in Tampa Bay as Hurricane Irma Roared Through
Hurricane Irma caused massive flooding as it ripped its way through Florida and the Caribbean last week -- but not for everyone. Tampa Bay residents experienced a bizzare phenomenon that some believe comes straight out of the Bible. [2 Comments]

'Attacks on Religious Liberty' in US Increased 133 Percent in Last 5 Years: Report
A new report released by a prominent religious liberty advocacy organization claims that there has been a 133 percent increase in domestic "attacks on religious liberty" in the last five years and about a 15 percent increase in attacks on religious liberty in the last year.

Over 250 Protestant Leaders Sign 'Reforming Catholic Confession' on Essentials of Christian Faith
Over 250 prominent scholars, pastors, and church leaders from around the world released on Tuesday a theological statement affirming the essentials of the Reformation. And its Protestant authors contend that in this 500th anniversary year, the document is a 'catholic' statement in its best sense. [2 Comments]

U.S. judge tells Christian churches they must cover abortion in insurance plan
A federal judge told three Christian congregations in California that they have no case in wanting to opt out of the state’s requirement that they cover abortions through their health insurance plans. [5 Comments]

Franklin Graham on Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes: World Needs to Prepare for Jesus Christ's Return
The numerous hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena affecting the world today should serve as a reminder that people need to be prepared for the return of Jesus Christ, said evangelist Franklin Graham. [3 Comments]

Trump Backs Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Disaster Relief Funds
President Trump continues to confirm his verbal support for Christians, with his actions--this time, standing up for churches barred from relief funding after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Christian leaders boosted by Trump recognition of National Day of Prayer for 9/11 anniversary
They were hoping for 100,000 signatures on their faith-based petition and got double that amount. They were hoping for one day of prayer for 9/11 — they got three.

Russian Anti-Missionary Law Mainly Hampers Christians
Concerns among Russian Christians that the government’s antiterrorism legislation, adopted last year, would take away their religious freedom have been proven true. [2 Comments]

Members of Congress back Christian baker in same-sex wedding-cake case before Supreme Court
A Christian baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple said he’s willing to serve anyone, but said the government shouldn’t force him to create something against his conscience. [3 Comments]

Al-Shabaab Kills Four More Christian Men in Lamu, Kenya
International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on September 6, 2017, four Christians were killed in Hindi by al-Shabaab, Christians’ main persecution threat in Kenya. [2 Comments]

Texas churches sue FEMA for disaster relief after Harvey
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been sued by three Texas churches severely damaged in Hurricane Harvey, over what they called its policy of refusing to provide disaster relief to houses of worship because of their religious status.

Russell Moore, Evangelical Leaders Urge Trump to Protect DACA Recipients
A group of evangelical leaders are pressuring President Donald Trump to continue protecting immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally when they were children, and are urging Congress to take permanent legislative action to ensure their long standing protection from deportation. [1 Comment]

American Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey Faces New Charges
Andrew Brunson, the American pastor who has been imprisoned in Turkey for nearly a year on dubious terrorism charges, is now facing new charges: 'gathering state secrets for espionage, attempting to overthrow the Turkish parliament and government, and to change the constitutional order.' [2 Comments]

Gunmen kill two policemen protecting church in Kenya
Gunmen killed two police officers guarding a church on Kenya’s southern coast on Sunday in an attack that police said bore the hallmarks of Somalia’s Islamist militant group al Shabaab. [2 Comments]

Mother in Uganda Beaten, Driven from Home for Embracing Christianity
A woman in eastern Uganda who put her faith in Christ is in hiding after her husband beat her for leaving Islam, sources said. [2 Comments]