At the UN, Israel sets red lines for Iran
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly and reminded the world of Israel's resourcefulness and courage.

Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel, commander says
Hezbollah has more than 10,000 fighters in southern Syria ready to confront Israel, a commander for the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group has said.

Netanyahu Responds to UN ‘Absurdities’ Concerning Israel: ‘It’s Called the Bible. I Highly Recommend It’
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday attacked 'absurdities' in U.N. agencies’ treatment of Israel, invoking tennis legend John McEnroe, the Bible -- and penguins -- in a speech that was in turn deadly serious about Iran, upbeat about Israeli diplomatic breakthroughs, and thankful to the Trump administration for its outspoken support. [2 Comments]

Netanyahu slams Iran deal in fiery UN speech, urges world to ‘fix it or nix it’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly condemned the Iran nuclear deal in a speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, warning that the accord will pave the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons if it is not scrapped or altered.

Contradicting IDF, US says it didn’t establish military base in Israel
The American military on Tuesday denied a claim made by the Israel Defense Forces that the United States had established its first base in Israel, saying the new buildings were instead a “living facility.”

Israel Shoots Down Iranian-made Hezbollah Drone Over Syria Border
The Israel Defense Forces shot down an Iranian-made drone operated by Hezbollah on Tuesday afternoon after the drone entered the demilitarized zone along the border between Israel and Syria on the Golan Heights. The Israel Air Force’s aerial defense command fired a Patriot missile and destroyed the drone.

Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel's Tel Aviv, But Gulf Arab States Appear Closer to Former Foe
Iran's army chief warned Monday that his country would immediately lay waste to Israel's commercial capital of Tel Aviv should Israeli leaders make any mistakes.

With Ballistic Missile Radar, U.S. Opens First Permanent Military Base in Israel
The first permanent U.S. military base in Israel was dedicated on Monday. [2 Comments]

Netanyahu will again take aim at Iran in United Nations speech
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will lay out a comprehensive case against Iran in his upcoming speech at the United Nations, 'connecting the dots' between the nuclear deal and Tehran’s desire to establish itself militarily on Israel’s northern border, Israel’s ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said Sunday.

Hamas says ready to hand Gaza to a Palestinian unity government
Hamas has agreed to dissolve the administration that runs Gaza, it said on Sunday, a major step towards handing control of the enclave to a Palestinian unity government after a decade of bitter rivalry with President Mahmoud Abbas. [1 Comment]

Netanyahu to give Trump ‘concrete ideas’ on Iran
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will suggest 'concrete ideas' to US President Donald Trump during their meeting in New York on Monday to either change or scrap the Iranian nuclear deal, sources in the Prime Minister’s entourage said on Sunday.

Hezbollah’s New Strength Leaves Israeli Border Tense
Deep in the rugged hills close to the Israeli border, two Hezbollah fighters crouched near a small fire, which heated a teapot. Despite the late-summer sun, they were both wearing full face masks to disguise their identity, because Hezbollah forbids its members from speaking with foreign reporters.

Trump administration backs bill to halt aid to Palestinians
The Trump administration is backing legislation that would suspend US financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it ends what critics say is a long-standing practice of rewarding Palestinians who kill Americans and Israelis. [1 Comment]

Israel Demanded 60km Buffer but Russia Let Iranian Forces in Syria Approach the Border
Israel asked Russia and the United States to prevent an Iranian presence, or that of any Shi’ite militia operating under Iranian influence, in southern Syria near the Israeli border in any cease-fire agreement. Israel presented its demand during the talks that preceded the cease-fire agreement in July – but the Russians refused.

Russia urges Syria not to respond to Israel's attack
Russia has urged Syrian President Bashar Assad not to retaliate against Israel after an airstrike on the country's Scientific Studies and Research Center, which the Syrian regime attributes to Israel, a senior Russia official dealing with Middle East affairs told Yedioth Ahronoth in an conversation in Moscow over the weekend. [2 Comments]

Two more advanced F-35s en route to Israel from US
Two additional F-35 stealth fighter jets lifted off from the US on Wednesday morning on their way to Israel, the sixth and seventh planes to be delivered out of the 50 Israel has purchased from the US to upgrade the capabilities of its air force.

Devastating UK survey finds half of Britons agree with anti-Israel statements
Nearly one in three Britons holds at least one anti-Semitic attitude and more than half endorse at least one hard-line anti-Israel statement, finds a major new study published today.

Israel to occupy parts of south Lebanon in next conflict with Hezbollah
In the event of another war with Hezbollah, the IDF’s objective would be to occupy parts of southern Lebanon where the group has support and infrastructure and to force a UN resolution that improves the security situation on the northern border, a senior IDF officer said on Monday.

Hamas ready to reconcile with Fatah with no conditions
Ismail Haniyeh, political chief of Hamas, said the organization is ready to talk reconciliation with the rival government of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas without preconditions.

Trump and Netanyahu to meet on sidelines of UN confab, US confirms
US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in New York next week on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, a US official confirmed on Tuesday.