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FBI: Violent crime across US spiked in 2015, murders up nearly 11 percent
Violent crime across the U.S. jumped in 2015 after two years of declines, the FBI announced Monday, adding that the number of murders reported by local law enforcement agencies was up 10.8 percent from 2014. [ No Comments ]

UPI state polls: Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in Electoral College
Donald Trump would earn enough votes to win the presidency in the Electoral College based on UPI/CVoter's state tracking poll released Monday. [ No Comments ]

More than 100 million expected to watch Monday's presidential debate
As many as 100 million viewers are expected to tune in Monday night for the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, one that promises to be entertaining, if not blood pressure-raising. [ No Comments ]

The harbinger of Baal appears in New York City
So could the sign of Baal actually appear on American soil? [ 6 Comments ]

Troops, extra police in Charlotte to prevent more clashes
Hundreds of National Guard troops and police reinforcements converged on Charlotte, mobilized to prevent a third night of violent protests over the fatal police shooting of a black man. [ 1 Comment ]

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A gunman who wounded nine people near a shopping center in Houston this morning was dressed in a 'military-style' uniform and had Nazi emblems, police said.

Dozens of protesters took their fight for racial equality in policing to the heart of Charlotte's power structure on Monday, demanding the resignations of the mayor, police chief, and lawmakers in the wake of the police slaying of a black man.

Republican Donald Trump was kept on the defensive at the first presidential debate, in several instances having to debate the highly anticipated event's moderator as well as his Democratic opponent.

In the immediate aftermath of Monday night's presidential debate, Frank Luntz's focus group of undecided voters handed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a victory, declaring her the 'clear winner' of the first head-to-head matchup.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, embracing his outsider's credentials, said Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton was the candidate of the establishment and urged the country to move beyond the anti-terror and free trade policies he said have failed the country for decades, as they faced off in the first presidential debate Monday.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton traded barbs over foreign policy in an aggressive debate on Monday night, when the two repeatedly attacked each other's character, integrity, and fitness for the Oval Office.

Nearly 8.1 million taxpayers paid $1,694,088,000 in Obamacare penalties for not having health insurance in 2014, the first year the penalty was in effect, according to the most recent data from the Internal Revenue Service.

Early in the widely anticipated first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton deployed a scripted line accusing Donald Trump of supporting 'trumped-up trickle-down' economic policies. But it was Trump who put Clinton on the defensive by attacking her husband Bill's support of the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA.

The FBI released crime data Monday morning showing that murders in the United States rose by 10.8 percent last year.

A suspected gunman believed to have killed five people at a Washington state mall was arrested Saturday, according to authorities.

The United States should give up on a two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Saturday night.

Hidden underground in steel-and-concrete silos across rural America, more than 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles point to the skies, poised for launch -- and ready to obliterate cities across the world.

Top executives at social media giants Facebook and Yahoo have helped 'bundle' $113 million for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to newly released campaign donations.

Demonstrators carried signs, chanted and marched in a peaceful protest hours after the family of a black man shot by police released video showing the events leading up to his death.

Authorities in New York state have made a record drug bust, seizing 33 kilograms of heroin and 2 kilograms of fentanyl.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Thursday released an updated tax plan that would impose a 65 percent tax on estates for the wealthiest individuals in the country.

During an town hall event on Fox News set to air Wednesday night, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pledged to introduce the 'stop-and-frisk' policy on a national scale in response to violence in American cities.

With six weeks to go until the presidential election, super PACs have already taken in $1.1 billion in donations, up from $846 billion in 2012, the first White House race in which they were allowed to function.

The U.S. Senate cleared the way for a $1.15 billion sale of tanks and other military equipment to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, defending a frequent partner in the Middle East recently subject to harsh criticism in Congress.

Federal Reserve policymakers on Wednesday kept their key interest rate steady, avoiding a potential stock market disruption and putting the central bank on the sidelines until after Election Day.

The White House threatened Wednesday that President Obama would veto two bills aimed at curbing the impact of his so-called 'ransom' payment to Iran for the release of American hostages.

President Obama is getting ready to embark on a massive campaign blitz where he will be spending one to two days each week in October on the road campaigning for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard two cases challenging the District of Columbia's restrictive gun carry law on Tuesday.

CNN's Jake Tapper reported on Tuesday that the number of people who were wrongly granted American citizenship when they were supposed to be deported is much higher than originally reported.

Hitting back at critics of his plan to accept more refugees in the U.S., President Obama said Tuesday that foreigners fleeing war zones are victims, not threats to national security.

Federal authorities late Tuesday charged Ahmad Khan Rahami with planting bombs in New Jersey and New York City, including one that wounded 29 people in Manhattan on Saturday and another in a seaside Jersey town that detonated but injured no one.

Salem residents are feeling unsettled after receiving word that the Satanic Temple is moving its international headquarters to an old Victorian mansion in the Massachusetts town.

Changing who controls the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) so close to our presidential election will jeopardize the results of how you vote on Nov. 8 unless Congress stops this changeover. When the calendar hits Sept. 30, a mere 6 weeks before our election, the United States cannot be assured that if any web site is hacked, the responsible party will be held accountable.

There may have been found a 'smoking gun' in Hillary Clinton's email scandal, as new reports on Tuesday document that an aide apparently had asked the online community about the best process for stripping out IDs from archived emails.

House Republicans are seeking to hold a firm that procured aborted fetuses from Planned Parenthood, and its president, in contempt of Congress.