What is “Worthy News”?

How “Worthy News” was founded?

Worthy News was founded in 1999 on the verse, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” [Luke 21:36]

The Mission of Worthy News

The first portion of the passage is a command by the Lord to “Watch!”  We are all called to watch and to earnestly await the Lord’s return. In Ezekiel, the prophet warns that if the watchman fails to sound the alarm, then the blood is required at his own hand. We are carefully watching world events from a Christian worldview, sounding the alarm, warning that the Lord’s return is very near, and urging our readers to be aware and to prepare for His arrival.

The second command in the passage is to “pray always.” Our hope is to effectively inform “watchmen” who will pray for the daily and developing events which we report on.

How Worthy News is Compiled

On a daily basis, we review scores of news sources to compile our “Worthy News” brief. Since we are not supported by advertising, we are not influenced to include articles which mainstream news organizations use as “click bait” to drive page views to their sites.

Oftentimes these organizations are not as concerned to print the truth as they are to drive their political, social or commercial agenda. We are motivated with a different purpose. Our choice of articles, whether or not we agree with their content, is primarily to inform serious believers, equipping these saints to pray effectively and fervently about the currently developing issues.

We choose the articles which we post in “the fear of the Lord”, carefully intending to avoid bearing false witness. With so much “fake news” in the media we generally eschew articles from “anonymous sources” and hearsay. In today’s political environment class warfare is often exploited to divide people and encourage fleshly attitudes, something we want no part in. As such we seek to scrupulously avoid news articles with an agenda for divisiveness. This does not mean that our point of view is neutral, since it is defined by biblical values, but our intention is to present the news impartially and truthfully, avoiding the rhetoric so common in public discourse.

Our Hope

Often, news events related to prophecy are fear driven, and while we respect all true intentions to issue warnings, we also remember that “prophecy is given for edification, exhortation, and comfort’. [1 Cor 14:3]  By reporting the news events of these last days, we seek to awaken a keen awareness of the soon return of our Lord — not based in fear, but in the secure confidence that everything He described in His Word is being and will be perfectly fulfilled. Our “blessed hope” is at the doorstep!  May we be found “Worthy” to escape these things and hear these words, “Well, done thou good and faithful servant.”

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