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New Cold War? Russia To Retaliate Against West With Troops on the Ground and Sanctions

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 | Worthy News / World News


MOSCOW (Worthy News)-- Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a two-pronged attack against the U.S., Ukraine, and any European ally who chooses to become involved by mustering troops and munitions on the Ukrainian border, and issuing economic sanctions of their own that will be much stronger and more consequential to the U.S. than what President Obama has implemented so far, the Examiner reported.

Mykhailo Koval, deputy head of Ukraine’s National Defense and Security Council, announced that Russia had moved upwards of 33000 troops and 160 tanks to the Eastern border and was fully preparing for an offensive assault in the near future in support of Russian rebels fighting in the region. In addition to this, part of Russia's new sanctions against the West will hit soundly in the chest of Washington's policies for the Middle East by securing a new oil and trade agreement with Iran, leaving the U.S. little choice but to pull back from their attempts to intimidate the Middle Eastern power since they are no longer isolated without allies. -- Source

Economic Sanctions Coming

We have repeatedly spoken about the illegitimacy and groundlessness of the US sanctions against Russia. Washington will gain nothing from such decisions except for further complication of Russian-American relations and the creation of an unfavorable atmosphere in international affairs, where the cooperation between our countries often plays a key role.

One gets the impression that the U.S. sanctions pressure, transformed now at sectoral level, has one goal - to get even with us for an independent and uncomfortable for Washington politics. Please also note the obvious elements of unscrupulous trade and economic competition in the U.S. actions.

The losses that Washington will sustain from such a destructive and myopic policy will be very tangible. - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation

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Worthy Christian News » World News » New Cold War? Russia To Retaliate Against West With Troops on the Ground and Sanctions

4 thoughts on “New Cold War? Russia To Retaliate Against West With Troops on the Ground and Sanctions

  1. Stupid comments. This is the second time I've heard the death knoll for the USA, my own country. The first was in 1998. Sure enough, it was true then. Any fool can hear this one, this time. Arrogance got us (the USA) into this. And arrogance is taking it down. The USA will kick no one's b...s anymore. Russia is not some tiny island off the coast of the US that we could sanction it to death. Pay attention! Worthy has been giving us the news of what Russia's been doing, they just set up their own replacement for the International Monetary Fund! Take care of your own, be righteous (in Christ) and it's pretty much "every man for himself" now. Trust no one but Christ. Stupid people. "I see (stupid) people" "they're everywhere." Did anyone really think a man like Putin would tolerate being treated as an inferior? And why should he have been disrespected? Do you know when he put on the brakes and started the other way on the U.S? Many would say it was when we first threw sanctions at individual Russians. Maybe. But really, seems to me it was when we (and the international community) told Russia (at the Olympics in his country) they had to change their laws to include homosexuals like Obama (more accurately, Queen Elizabeth II) wants here. Wake up!

    • Your last part is spot on, Angela: Obama deliberately sent a LGBTQWXYZ Olympic delegation to Putin to show him how "progressive" we are and attempt to rub his nose in it. Putin must have really laughed at that one! "Now's my chance: that girly Obama will NEVER retaliate!"

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