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Anti-Missionary Groups Gather in Jerusalem

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 (4:12 am)
Posted in: Israel-Palestinian Conflict

By George Whitten, Worthy News Jerusalem Bureau Chief

JERUSALEM, Israel (Worthy News)– Anti-Missionaries from across Israel will be meeting today in Jerusalem at the nation’s largest conference center to discuss the growing problem of  "missionaries" in Israel.

Ahead of the gathering in the nation's largest conference center, thousands of leaflets were distributed advertising the "anti-missionary" conference and encouraging people to come.

Many of Israel's leading anti-messianic organizations along with leading rabbis will be taking the opportunity to "educate" people on the "impossibility" of being Jewish and believing in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew).  Their aim is to inform the public of the great danger Messianic Jews, those who believe in Yeshua, are to traditional Judaism.

The gathering was organized by several ultra-Orthodox groups and observers described it as the largest anti-missionary meeting so far.

Revive Israel, a leading Messianic organization in Israel, said in a statement that delegates of the controversial meeting view the term"missionary" as equivalent to the word "Nazi."


Israeli law forbids missionary activities, including criminal offenses such as "bribing" Jews to change their religion by monetary compensation, and baptizing children under the age of 18 without the consent of their parents.  Messianic congregations and evangelical Christians have denied they are forcing Jews to change their religion.

Revive Israel said the meeting in Jerusalem was would aim to raise money for "anti-missionaries", to "convince Jewish organizations not to receive funds from Christian Zionists" and, "Finally, to stop all evangelism efforts in Israel."
Eddie Santoro, a Messianic pastor, told Worthy News he had urged supporters to "Pray that a spirit of division would be on this gathering of religious Jews.  Pray that their house would be divided, and no effective strategies would be achieved in their intensifying battle against those who believe."
"Also pray that we would know the right strategy in response to this event.  Pray that in God's mercy, even as they speak against Yeshua, that some hearts would be touched by his great mercy and love."

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  • FresnoJoe

    The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3

    • Vincent


  • A. Cohen


    A question – Why is there not more concern amongst the religious leaders in Israel regarding the GAY population who are taking large strides in pushing their agenda onto the Jewish people living in the Land? As in other Israeli cities, Jerusalem taxpayers have now been ordered by the Supreme Court to support the cause and agenda of the gay community. Why are the religious leaders not "meeting" to find a way to stop this atrocity before more Jews are drawn into this perversion?

    Christian missionaries would not pose a threat if the leaders / teachers of Torah were doing their job and 'gathering in' the secular Israelies instead of offending and pushing them away. To the point of throwing stones at them if they deem the 'unrighteous' ones are breaking Shabbat. As humans, we are more naturally drawn to a caring person who extends a loving hand than to a person who looks down on us with seeming hatred. Perhaps the Jewish religious leaders could learn from the Christian 'Samaritans'.

    • Vincent

      Just like in the New Testament Scriptures, these religious leaders are like the Scribes and Pharasees in Jesus' day, and Satan is still satan and the agendas that they promote are satanic, this is the end times unfolding and it seems faster and faster.

      Trust Jesus only.

      Let nothing come between you and Jesus, nothing.


      Mr. Vincent Peter Valerio

  • RosheaRoss

    Messianic christians trying 2 change jews to christians? Now come on! You can't convert Jews to Christianity w/money. Conversion comes from the heart & soul else it won't do any good. It is "whosoever will come, come" not I'll buy u n 2 the faith. I see Christianity a very good friend of Jews. As in the future I believe Jews can teach us a lot about our faith and I have learned a lot by Jewish understanding of the Old Testament. Take a breath. One thing I understand about my faith is G_d is on the Jews side, He will defend them and the best is yet to come. The day our eyes see what we can't now is something we all share and that is, our hearts long for G_d.

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