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Latest World News
Christian News Service - Christian Magazine'Reverse flow' - pushing gas from EU - seen as way to aid Ukraine, hit Russia - Washington Times
A Washington-brokered deal to ease tensions in Ukraine faltered Monday as pro-Russia gunmen refused to leave government buildings in eastern Ukraine and Russia's foreign minister accused Kiev of allowing anti-Moscow extremists to run rampant.
Latest Israel News
Christian News Service - Christian MagazineUS: Dissolution of PA would have 'grave implications' - Times of Israel
On Monday, the US described the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority - as has reportedly been threatened by President Mahmoud Abbas and other top Palestinian officials - as an "extreme step" that could fundamentally alter relations between Washington and Ramallah.
Latest U.S. News
Christian News Service - Christian MagazineUS Supreme Court to look at 'born in Jerusalem' passport case - Ynet News
Confronting an issue fraught with Middle East politics, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear - for the second time - a passport dispute centering on whether Americans born in Jerusalem may list their place of birth as Israel.
Latest Worthy News Features
Pakistan: Rights Groups Decry Death Sentence for Christian0

pakistan-map2Rights groups have decried the death sentence handed down to one Christian man after more than 100 Muslims who destroyed his neighborhood were freed on bail.

Syrian Islamists Kill 80 Christians, Displace Thousands More0

syriaEighty Christians were killed and thousands more displaced after Islamic militants attacked the strategic Syrian town of Kessab near the Turkish border on March 21, according to Barnabas Aid.

Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran0

iran-christianDuring a press conference in Geneva this month, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran released his latest report, according to Barnabas Aid.

Four Killed in Attack on Kenyan Church0

kenyaDuring Sunday morning service, two gunmen fired into the crowded congregation of Joy Jesus Church in Likoni, Kenya, killing two parishioners, according to International Christian Concern.

Nigerian Christians in the Crosshairs of Muslims0

nigeriaMuslims have once again targeted Christians in Nigeria, killing more than 100 over the past weekend.

Turkey: Confessed Killers of Christians Freed on Bail0

turkey-mapUnder a new Turkish law, five confessed Christian killers slated to be released on bail will instead remain under house arrest, according to Morning Star News.

Belarus: Christian-run Homeless Shelter Closed1

belarus-mapA private homeless shelter run by a Christian in Belarus has been legally stripped of its license to operate, according to Barnabas Aid.

California Residents Protest Cross Removal with More Crosses2

american-christianityCalifornia citizens are protesting the removal of a large memorial cross by publicly displaying smaller crosses bearing messages for the atheists whose complaints caused the memorial to be taken down, according to International Christian Concern.

North Koreans Face Execution for Contact with Missionary1

north-korea-mapThirty-three Koreans could be executed by the North's State Security Department Sunday for allegedly accepting funds to overthrow Kim Jong-un's regime, according to Chosun Media.

Religious Freedom Act stalled in US Senate0

us-congressLegislation to help protect persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East has been stalled in the Senate, according to International Christian Concern.

Sri Lanka: Pastor and Wife Attacked for Defending Right to Worship1

sri-lankaEleven monks from the nationalist Buddhist Strength Force lobby led a violent mob of 250 villagers who physically assaulted the family of the pastor of Holy Family Church in Asgiriya, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 16, according to Christian Today Australia.

Kenya: Gang Raids Bamburi Church, Injures Three0

kenyaThree people were injured after a mob of about 10 assailants attacked worshipers at a church in Bamburi, Mombasa last week, according to All Africa Global Media.

Sudan Arrests Pastor During Sermon, Threatens Him0

sudan mapTwo Sundays ago, Sudanese authorities arrested a pastor in Omdurman while he was still preaching, according to Morning Star News.

North Korea Releases Australian Missionary0

north-korea-mapJohn Short, an 75-year-old Australian Christian, was released from detention in Pyongyang, North Korea yesterday. The missionary, based in Hong Kong, had been arrested and charged with attempting to overthrow the government on February 16th by authorities in North Korea.

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