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Global central banks are running 'out of ammo'
Central banks are pulling out all the stops to turn around the global economy. [ No Comments ]

Intel Chief: 'We Don't Know' Whether Iran Will Build Nuke Weapons
The top U.S. intelligence official told Congress on Tuesday that Iran could move forward with the construction of a nuclear weapon at any time and that there is no way to know the Islamic Republic will build these weapons following the implementation of a landmark agreement hailed by the Obama administration as a definitive step towards preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb. [ 2 Comments ]

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Netanyahu: We'll surround Israel with fences to 'protect from predators'
The government is preparing a plan to entirely surround Israel with a security fence to 'protect ourselves from the predators', Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday during a tour of the eastern fence under construction along the length of the Jordanian border. [ 2 Comments ]

Israel mulling twin gas pipelines to Turkey, Greece
Israel is looking to exploit its substantial natural gas reserves with two potential pipeline projects to Turkey and Greece, its Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz announced Sunday. [ 1 Comment ]

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Obama Budget Would Add Another $9.3 Trillion to the Debt
President Barack Obama presented a budget to Congress on Tuesday that if enacted would add nearly $10 trillion to the national debt, according to the White House's projections. [ 4 Comments ]

Border Patrol In Montana
Obama reinstates 'catch-and-release' policy for illegal immigrants
The Obama administration has revived the maligned illegal immigrant 'catch-and-release' policy of the Bush years, ordering Border Patrol agents not to bother arresting and deporting many new illegal immigrants, the head of the agents' labor union revealed Thursday. [ 3 Comments ]

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Trump wins, Kasich takes 2nd in GOP New Hampshire primary; Sanders Wins Every Demographic Group Against Clinton
Donald Trump is the winner in the New Hampshire Republican primary and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will take second place, Fox News projects. [ No Comments ]

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Egypt: Army begins promised restorations
The Egyptian Army has finally begun to rebuild the country's churches as per a promise made by President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi almost three years ago. [ No Comments ]

China: More crosses removed from Zhejiang province
Chinese authorities have again resumed removing crosses from churches in Zhejiang province. [ 2 Comments ]

Turkey: Court rules gov't failed to protect Christians
The Malatya Administrative Court ruled last week that the Turkish government was negligent in its duty to protect three Christians who were tortured and killed in 2007 and ordered it to pay one million lira ($333,980) in compensation for their families. [ 2 Comments ]

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