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Iran: Nuke deal off unless UN drops atomic weapons probe
Iran said Sunday there would be no final implementation of a nuclear deal with world powers unless a probe into allegations of past weapons research is closed. [ No Comments ]

Declaring 'new beginning,' EU and Turkey seal migrant deal
Turkey promised to help stem the flow of migrants to Europe in return for cash, visas and renewed talks on joining the EU in a deal struck on Sunday that the Turkish prime minister called a "new beginning" for the uneasy neighbors. [ 1 Comment ]

Pope Francis: 'Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters'
Pope Francis has told worshippers in a mosque in the Central African Republic that "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters". [ 53 Comments ]

IMF poised to put Chinese yuan in elite currency basket
The International Monetary Fund is expected to approve inclusion of China's yuan in its SDR basket of elite currencies on Monday, rewarding Beijing's strong pursuit of the global status. [ No Comments ]

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European Parliament
EU says continues Mideast peace role despite Israel move
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday and the European Union said it would continue its role in Middle East peace diplomacy despite Israel saying it was suspending contact. [ No Comments ]

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Older man holds Defund Planned Parenthood sign at the March for LIfe
Senate Republicans launching bid to repeal ObamaCare, defund Planned Parenthood
Senate Republicans are planning to forge ahead on a bid to repeal chunks of ObamaCare and partially defund Planned Parenthood by using a rare fast-track tactic, Fox News has learned. [ No Comments ]

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Clinton, before her official announcement, speaking to the media at the United Nations Headquarters regarding her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.
New emails cast doubt on Rice and Clinton's Benghazi story
Hillary Clinton met with Susan Rice just before the United Nations ambassador appeared on political talk shows and blamed the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi on a spontaneous demonstration, a move that ultimately dashed her hopes for higher office. [ 3 Comments ]

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Turkey: Historic Protestant Church reopens
One of the oldest churches in Turkey reopened this month. According to AINA, a worship service was recently held in the 160-year-old Mardin Protestant Church after extensive restorations as the building had been left in ruins for 60 years. [ No Comments ]

Iraqi Parliament passes discriminatory law
Late last month, the Iraqi Parliament passed a law mandating that the Christian children of fathers who convert to Islam and those of mothers who marry Muslims will all automatically become Muslims themselves, whether they want to, or not! [ 3 Comments ]

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