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Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei
Khamenei: US ‘can’t do a thing’ about our missile program
Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei on Monday said the United States cannot “do a thing” about the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program. [ No Comments ]

Islamic State Group Leader Urges Attacks in Europe and US
An Islamic State group spokesman has urged sympathizers in Europe and the U.S. to launch attacks on civilians there if they are unable to travel to the group's self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq. [ 1 Comment ]

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Egypt seeks to advance own Israeli-Palestinian peace initiaitve
While France has pushing for an international peace summit in Paris in an effort to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Egypt has been working behind the scenes on its own diplomatic initiative. [ No Comments ]

Coalition deal reached in overnight negotiations, signing expected today
Representatives of the Likud, Yisrael Beytenu and the Finance Ministry reached an agreement overnight that will enable a signing ceremony on a new coalition deal that was expected to take place on Wednesday morning. [ No Comments ]

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State Department sets new single-day record for Syrian refugee approvals
The State Department admitted 80 Syrian refugees on Tuesday and 225 on Monday, setting a single-day record, as President Obama tries to meet his target of 10,000 approvals this year — renewing fears among security analysts who say the administration is cutting corners to meet a political goal. [ No Comments ]

Oklahoma governor vetoes bill criminalizing performing abortions
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed a sweeping and unprecedented measure Friday that would have made performing an abortion a felony punishable by prison time, saying the bill was vague and would not be able to withstand a criminal constitutional challenge. [ No Comments ]

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Vast majority of GOP lawmakers back Donald Trump
The vast majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress are backing Donald Trump for president, provided that they don't have to use the word "endorse" or call the presumptive Republican nominee by name. [ No Comments ]

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Iranian agents detain Christian leaders
Earlier this month, agents from Iran's Ministry of Security raided the homes of Christian leaders in the city of Rasht. [ No Comments ]

Egypt: Church tent burned down
The tent where an Egyptian Christian congregation had met was set afire and completely destroyed this month by Islamist arsonists. [ No Comments ]

China: Pastor of state-run church released
The pastor of a state-run church in China's Zhejiang province was recently released after eight months in detention. [ No Comments ]

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