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Set Worthy News as Your Home Page

If you are using Firefox
• Under the "Tools" menu, click "Options"
• Click the "General" tab on the left
• If you are already on the Worthy News homepage, click "Use Current Page", then OK. If not, type http://www.worthynews.com in the text box, then OK.

If you are using IE, drag this link onto the home button on your browser's toolbar to make us your Home Page.

– Or –

• Go to the www.worthynews.com front page.
• Go to the "Tools" menu and choose "Options."
• Click on the "General" tab.
• Click on the "Use Current Page" button.
• Click "OK."

If you are using Firefox or Safari for the Mac
• Click on "Firefox" in the top left corner and select "Preferences"
• If you are not already on the "General" tab, click "General"
• Type "http://www.worthynews.com/" in the "Location" area
• Click the "Enter" button on your keyboard then close
the "Preferences" window.

If you are using Chrome
• Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
• Select Settings.
Add the home button to the browser toolbar
Homepage button is off by default. Select the "Show Home button" checkbox in the "Appearance" section to show it on the browser toolbar.
Set your homepage
When the "Show Home button" checkbox is selected, a web address appears below it. Click Change to enter a link and insert http://www.worthynews.com

Make us your homepage

What is Worthy News?

Worthy News is an independent Christian news agency which reports news not covered by other outlets, on key developments in a rapidly changing world. Worthy News reaches both Christians and non-Christians around the globe and strives to be balanced and make a difference in these strategic times.

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