Ethiopia Evangelist Killed, Pregnant Wife Injured

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA (Worthy News)– Christians in Ethiopia were mourning Thursday, April 28, after Muslim extremists reportedly killed an evangelist and assaulted his pregnant wife. The attack happened last week, April 21, in the south-central town of Worabe, an area that is 97 percent Muslim, Christian rights activists said. “Muslims lured Evangelist Abraham Abera from Kale Hiwot Church, his home and place of ministry, and told him that his friend was sick and needed immediate attention. Abraham left with the men, who turned on him, beating him with rods,” explained advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC) in a statement. ICC, … Read more

Ethiopia Detains Bible Distributor On “Terrorism” Charges

There was concern Friday, February 19, that Ethiopian authorities would press “terrorism” charges against a Christian convert who has been detained since May for distributing Bibles and abandoning Islam, well-informed Christians said.

Ethiopia Court Releases Jailed Evangelists

Christians in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa were anticipating the return Thursday, October 29, of two evangelists who were imprisoned for three months on what believers said were “false charges” of “offering money for conversion” and “insulting” the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC).

Ethiopia Muslims Attack Churches; 3 Injured

Ethiopian police was still searching for key suspects Friday, October 2, after hundreds of angry Muslims reportedly attacked evangelical churches in the western Arsi zone of Ethiopia, injuring at least three Christians.

Muslim Mob Stones Christians in Eastern Ethiopia

A mob of Islamic extremists stoned Seid Ahmed and Musa Ibrahim [names changed for security reasons] in Jijiga, a city on border with Somalia. The attack is the latest attack against Christians in Ethiopia where the spread of radical Islam is fueling the persecution of Christians.

Ethiopia: Muslims Kill Worshipper in Church Attacks

Eight Muslims wielding razor-sharp machetes and knives broke into two village churches in southern Ethiopia earlier this month and began wounding worshipers, instantly killing one Christian.

Ethiopia: Attack on Church Leaves 4 Dead, 70 Injured

Last week, Christians gathering at local churches in a southern region in Ethiopia were enjoying singing and worship when, without warning, hundreds of men armed with machetes and clubs leapt through the open windows and indiscriminately began attacking everyone present. The attackers barricaded the doors to try to prevent people from escaping.

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