Indonesia: Islamist mob attacks church

Last week, a mob of about 750 Muslims armed with axes set fire to a church in Indonesia’s Aceh province that Muslims alleged lacked the proper building permits.

Indonesia: Churches Protest Wrongful Closings

Two churches in Indonesia have been protesting the wrongful closing of their buildings by holding joint services just outside of the presidential palace in Jakarta.

Islamization in Papua

Christians in Indonesia’s most eastern province are facing an Islamization program that is changing the demographics of the formerly Christian-majority region, according to Barnabas Aid.

Indonesia: Islamists Block Construction of Church

On Friday, hundreds of armed Islamists led by local Muslim leaders forcibly occupied a two-acre plot owned by the Indonesian Christian community of Huria Kristen Batak in the village of Talang Kelapa, South Sumatra, according to Asia News.

Church construction halted in Indonesia

Church closures in Indonesia that peaked during the Christmas holidays have spilled over into January as Islamist groups continue to target Christian congregations, according to International Christian Concern.

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