Open Doors Asks For Prayers After Church in Turkey Forced to Close its Doors

SANTA ANA, CA (ANS) — Turkish security police ordered a Protestant Christian congregation meeting for 40 years in the southeastern port city of Iskenderun to close its doors in mid-June, declaring the church had “no legal basis” and that its activities were harmful to society, Compass Direct reported today.

Turkish Pastor Put On Trial In Diyarbakir

ISTANBUL, May 7 (Compass) — Protestant pastor Ahmet Guvener goes on trial in Turkey’s southeastern city of Diyarbakir in late May, accused by the state prosecutor of making illegal changes in the architectural plan of his nearly completed church building.

Hungarian Pastor Preaches Amid Death Threats

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (ANS) — A Hungarian Reformed Pastor continues to preach the Gospel despite alleged death threats and opposition from Russia and Communists who he says still rule the Hungarian village of Doboz, near the Romanian border.

British Soldier Killed While Protecting Church in Kosovo

BUDAPEST/PRISTINA (ANS) — The NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo (K-FOR) has identified a British soldier who died while guarding a Serbian Orthodox Church in the regional Capital Pristina, ASSIST News Service learned Wednesday December 19.

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