Christian radio continues to broadcast Gospel to Ukraine despite forced evacuation

A Christian radio station team that had broadcast from Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion, is continuing to share the Gospel despite being forced to evacuate from its modern studio in Odessa to an apartment in Romania, WNG reports. Even while struggling with a staff shortage and lack of equipment in Romania, New Life Radio still broadcasts the Good News in Russian to Ukraine as well as to Russia and Belarus.

Missionary Abducted In Ukraine

Christians expressed mounting concern Friday about the whereabouts of a missing missionary abducted in Ukraine by invading Russian troops.

US-Backed Missionary Abducted In Ukraine

A Ukrainian missionary of a U.S.-backed aid group has been abducted by Russian forces near Ukraine’s besieged city of Mariupol, several sources confirmed Thursday.

Ukraine Bible Society: “We need more Bibles”

As Ukraine prepared to face the imminent Russian invasion last month, the Ukrainian Bible Society in Kyiv reported it was running out of printing Bibles as so many people were turning to the Word of God in this time of crisis, Church Leaders (CL) reports.

Hungarian Tax Authorities Raid Evangelical Church

Hungary’s main opposition parties have condemned a raid by armed tax authorities of an evangelical church and its charities for the homeless and other vulnerable people.

US missionaries in Ukraine ask for prayer

US missionaries in Ukraine have issued urgent calls for prayer for protection and for wisdom on whether to stay or leave as the current, dangerous Russia-Ukraine standoff continues, Christianity Today (CT) reports.

Hungarian Christmas Cheer In Shoeboxes

Hungarian churches and charities have begun distributing support to thousands of impoverished children, including those who lost parents amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Report shows 70% increase in hate crimes against Christians in Europe

A new study shows that hate crimes against Protestants and Catholics increased by 70% in Europe last year, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The Observatory on Intolerance Against Christians in Europe (OIDAC) presented its report amid concerns about an ongoing decline in religious, parental, and conscience freedoms for European Christians.

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