Iran Christian Convert Starts Prison Term

Iranian Christian convert Fariba Dalir has begun serving a two-year prison sentence for “acting against national security by establishing and leading an Evangelical Christian church,” an advocacy group confirmed.

Detained Iran Pastor Briefly Home For Easter

A detained pastor of Iran’s largest evangelical network of house churches spent Easter Sunday with his family but was due to return to prison Monday, Worthy News learned.

Iran: Imprisoned pastor is granted 5-day home leave

A pastor in Iran who is serving a six-year prison sentence for ‘acting against national security by ‘promoting Zionist Christianity,’ has been granted a five-day furlough to be with his family, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports. Yousef Nadarkhani was released from Evin prison on 13 April, for reasons that are not clear.

Iran To Review Jail Sentences Of Christians

Iranian Christians say they “are thankful” that Christian convert Naser Navard Goltapeh’s jail the sentence “will be reviewed” by Iran’s Supreme Court after years of prayers and campaigns, Worthy News learned Monday.

Iran continues to persecute Christians, new report shows

A new report on the persecution of Christians in Iran has called on Tehran to end the criminalization of house churches and membership, and for the international community to hold the Islamic regime to account for ongoing human rights abuses against believers, Christian Today (CT) reports.

US Christian ministries reach out to help vulnerable children in Iran

US Christian ministry Heart4Iran has joined with CBN’s Superbook to conduct an outreach to thousands of desperately vulnerable children in Iran, CBN News reports. Many of these children are from families of Afghan refugees who escaped the Taliban, and many are orphans who lost their parents to COVID-19.

Iran Releasing Jailed Converts, But Exiles One

Iran has released two Christian converts who served a one-year prison sentence linked to their membership of a house church, but one of them still faces two years’ internal exile, Christians told Worthy News.

Iran Frees Nine Christian Converts

Iran released nine Christian converts from prison, including a pastor, after the Islamic nation’s Supreme Court said their involvement in house churches doesn’t threaten national security, well-informed Christians told Worthy News Tuesday.

Iran Frees Christian House Church Pastor

Iran released a pastor from prison Thursday after the Iranian Supreme Court ruled that involvement in house churches “should not be considered a crime against national security,” Worthy News learned.

Iran Orders Review Of Jailing Christians

A top Iranian court has ordered a review of five-year prison terms given to nine Christian converts who left Islam, according to sources familiar with the court’s thinking.

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