China Frees Five Jailed Bible Study Christians

Five Christians detained since August 2022 for leading Bible studies have been freed on bail by authorities in China’s Yunnan Province, well-informed Christians Wednesday.

Christian Man Survives Lynching In Pakistan

A Christian man is recovering from his injuries in Pakistan’s Punjab province after he was nearly killed by an angry crowd for “returning to Christianity” after he “accepted Islam” to marry a Muslim woman, Christians said.

India: Dramatic escalation of violence in Manipur, 58 dead, 50 churches burned

Christian leaders in India’s Manipur state have accused the Hindu nationalist government of supporting the violent attacks carried out by ethnic Hindu Meitei rioters, which began last week, and which have now resulted in the destruction of 50 churches and the deaths of 58 people, many of whom were Christians, the Christian Post (CP) reports. 

Sudan: Christians killed, churches destroyed in ongoing violent conflict

While it is not yet clear if Christians are being specifically targeted in the violent civil conflict in Sudan, four churches have been destroyed and Christians have reportedly been killed, wounded, turned away from state hospitals, and barred from receiving humanitarian aid being given to Muslims, Baptist Press reported on April 28. The violence broke out on April 15 as the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fought for control of the government.

Uganda: Christian college student murdered for sharing the Gospel

A 24-year-old Christian college student in northern Uganda was murdered last month by a suspected radicalized Muslim because he had been sharing the Gospel on his school campus, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. While Christianity is legal in Uganda, Christians, especially evangelists, have been increasingly vulnerable to deadly attacks by radicalized Muslims.

Sudan: Church leaders ask for prayer amid escalating violence and fears of return to Islamic extremist law

Church leaders in Sudan are asking for prayer as the nation reels under yet another bout of deadly violence and instability that Islamic extremists may use to bring about the return of harsh Islamic law in the country, Christian Today reports. Hundreds of diplomats from countries including the US and the UK were evacuated Sunday amid fears the violence will continue and intensify.

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