MI School System May Be Sued Over Student Homosexual Club

(AgapePress) – A Michigan public school may be facing a lawsuit for allowing a student homosexual organization to meet.
A Lansing attorney says the Jackson Public Schools may be violating the state constitution by allowing students to form a homosexual organization. Attorney David Kallman says the state constitution requires school districts to protect the health and welfare of their students, and he says a homosexual organization could be in conflict with that directive.

Israel Follows US Lead in Approving War Crimes Tribunal

The Israeli government reversed its stand at the last minute and decided on Sunday night to sign a charter establishing the International Criminal Court to try individuals for war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

Americans Back Israel’s Right To Target Terrorists

A new poll of Americans indicates overwhelming support for Israel’s targeting of terrorists before they strike again.

By better than a 4 -1 ratio, Americans support Israel’s tough anti-terrorism strategy according to a new, bipartisan poll released this weekened by the America Middle East Information Network (AMEIN). “It’s clear from this survey that the overwhelming majority of Americans share the Israeli view that terrorism is never justified and should be combated aggressively,” said pollster Frank Luntz.

Arafat, Arab League Closing Door on Clinton

Outgoing US President Bill Clinton’s hasty drive to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal by January 20 sputtered again on Thursday when Arab foreign ministers enshrined the Palestinian right of return as “sacred.” The decision reinforces PLO chief Yasser Arafat’s hard-line stand on an issue Clinton’s “outline” for peace requires him to compromise and calls into question Washington’s claim Arafat has said “yes” to the president’s plan.

Powell, Israel To Boycott Durban Conference

US Secretary of State Colin Powell will not attend the upcoming anti-racism conference in Durban, forcing Israel to reassess the level of its own representation at the UN forum where Arab/Islamic elements plan to bash the Jewish State and people.

House approves faith initiative, but battle awaits in Senate

WASHINGTON (ABP) — Debate about government funding of religion and the separation of church and state took center stage on the floor of the House of Representatives July 19 as President George W. Bush’s “faith-based” initiative passed by a margin of 233-198.

Clinton Runs Out of Time and Options For Mideast Peace

Outgoing US President Bill Clinton appears to have finally given up on his long quest to forge a landmark Israeli-Palestinian peace pact before leaving office, as his special Mideast envoy Dennis Ross on Wednesday postponed a planned trip to the region. The move is a setback to the electoral hopes of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who wanted Clinton to issue a “presidential declaration” on the status of negotiations to aid his waning chances for retaining office in early February balloting.

Rare Blip Appears In Powell Nomination

In the first spot on an otherwise squeaky clean record, US Secretary of State-designate Colin Powell has run into a flap for recently accepting a large sum of money for delivering a university lecture subsidized by a senior Lebanese official with ties to Syrian intelligence.

Bush May Have Different Take on Sharon

Many leaders in the international community are troubled with the increasing probability that Likud chairman Ariel Sharon will be elected prime minister of Israel in early February, but US President-elect George W. Bush may have a different opinion, describing him recently as a “great warrior and hero of freedom and democracy.”

More Fallout From Jerusalem Rally

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani hosted a gallery of guests from Israel at a gathering in New York City Hall on Thursday afternoon in a display of unity and support for undivided Jerusalem and Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

Bush Administration to Steer New Course in Mideast

On his last full day in office, US President Bill Clinton gave the incoming Bush administration some unsolicited advice on how to handle foreign policy, but with the Middle East still sliding towards conflict, clearer heads are urging a complete reassessment of the Clinton approach to regional peace-making.

More Fares Money Thrown at Bush Team

Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares’ associations with high ranking US Republican officials continue to raise suspicions, especially after a donation of $100,000 was made under his name to the inaugural fund for newly-installed US President George W. Bush.

Mission Impossible Film Promotes Digital Angel Technology

Midway through Mission Impossible 2 Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) injects a biometric chip into the foot of love interest Thandie Newton. The action is perceived as necessary and ultimately saves the damsel in distress. This is due to the “wonderful” Global Positioning Satellite technologies and the latest in Digital Angel transponder chips designed to “enhance and preserve” the human experience.

Digital Angel months ahead of schedule

Wouldn’t life be grand if you didn’t have to worry about being robbed? What if you didn’t have to worry about losing your money? Or that there would be no more fraud which in turn would cause the things you buy to be cheaper? What about the drug trade, if it could be absolutely regulated with an absence of cash but at the same time be controlled?

Speakers at NAE meeting discuss ‘charitable choice’

DALLAS (ABP) — Social-service programs that seek to evangelize their clients will not qualify for direct federal grants, the head of President Bush’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives told a gathering of conservative Christian leaders.

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