The World Has a Hunger for Things Supernatural

The re-released and slightly extended version of the movie “The Exorcist” should serve to remind Christians that the world has a hunger for things supernatural — although they’re looking in all the wrong places. However, while demon possession is a subject that attracts many non- Christians to the big screen, it is also an issue that seems to repel many believers, who prefer a more sanitized and psychologized version of their faith.

Bush Shuts Office of Special Mideast Envoy

US Secretary of State Colin Powell revealed on Tuesday the Bush Administration will not appoint a new Middle East peace envoy to replace Dennis Ross, signaling that America will play a less active role in the peace process than in the past. US President George W. Bush also plans to begin the “process” of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as promised in the recent campaign.

Agreement Reported at Sharm Summit

US President Bill Clinton announced at the summit’s close this afternoon that a ceasefire agreement had been reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The major points are as follows:

Duke U. To Allow Homosexual Marriage Ceremonies

(AgapePress) – The attack on God’s design for marriage continues at yet another prestigious school. A well-known university affiliated with the United Methodist Church says it will allow its chapel to be used for homosexual commitment ceremonies.

Europe, US Parting Ways Over Peace Process

In what appears to be a growing divide between US and European approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the European Union this week expressed support for the Palestinian position that Israeli concessions made since the Camp David talks should serve as the starting point for future negotiations.

Nebraskans to vote on proposed ban of homosexual marriages & unions

WASHINGTON (BP)–Learning from the experience of other states grappling with the issue of legal recognition of homosexual unions, family groups in Nebraska have crafted a proposed amendment to the state constitution that seeks not only to ban homosexual marriage but declares same-sex domestic partnerships invalid as well.

Mitchell Committee Tries to Reassure Both Sides

As the international community scrambles to develop plans for inserting an observer force in the disputed territories, the US-led fact-finding committee came and went with little fanfare, leading many in Israel to wonder if the committee will really help reduce the Palestinian violence.

Clinton Passing Bush Hot Baton in Mideast

The renewal of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington on Tuesday comes just as US President-elect George Bush and his growing list of apointees arrive in town to pick up the scrambled pieces of American diplomacy in the Middle East left by the Clinton Administration.

New California State Regulations Mandate Pro-Homosexual Curriculum

Sacramento, CA – The California Department of Education’s Tax Force has finalized twelve pro-homosexual recommended mandates for public schools to follow. These recommended mandates include:

* Integrating pro-homosexual viewpoints throughout all public school curriculum
* Requiring the personal questioning of children regarding homosexuality and transsexuals
* Using taxpayer dollars to establish “gay/straight alliances” on campuses
* Establish a response system whose purpose will be to “provide rehabilitation to perpetrators” of discrimination against homosexuals and transsexuals

Clinton Sticks to Deadline For Answers to Peace Outline

With less than four weeks left in office, US President Bill Clinton is holding to a Wednesday deadline for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to agree to accept his “outline of principles” for resolving their differences. The short time fuse has intensified debate in Israel over surrendering parts of Jerusalem, especially the Temple Mount, and forced PLO chief Yasser Arafat into a critical decision concerning the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees.

MI School System May Be Sued Over Student Homosexual Club

(AgapePress) – A Michigan public school may be facing a lawsuit for allowing a student homosexual organization to meet.
A Lansing attorney says the Jackson Public Schools may be violating the state constitution by allowing students to form a homosexual organization. Attorney David Kallman says the state constitution requires school districts to protect the health and welfare of their students, and he says a homosexual organization could be in conflict with that directive.

Israel Follows US Lead in Approving War Crimes Tribunal

The Israeli government reversed its stand at the last minute and decided on Sunday night to sign a charter establishing the International Criminal Court to try individuals for war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

Speakers at NAE meeting discuss ‘charitable choice’

DALLAS (ABP) — Social-service programs that seek to evangelize their clients will not qualify for direct federal grants, the head of President Bush’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives told a gathering of conservative Christian leaders.

Mission Impossible Film Promotes Digital Angel Technology

Midway through Mission Impossible 2 Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) injects a biometric chip into the foot of love interest Thandie Newton. The action is perceived as necessary and ultimately saves the damsel in distress. This is due to the “wonderful” Global Positioning Satellite technologies and the latest in Digital Angel transponder chips designed to “enhance and preserve” the human experience.

Digital Angel months ahead of schedule

Wouldn’t life be grand if you didn’t have to worry about being robbed? What if you didn’t have to worry about losing your money? Or that there would be no more fraud which in turn would cause the things you buy to be cheaper? What about the drug trade, if it could be absolutely regulated with an absence of cash but at the same time be controlled?

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